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lyfeEssentials is by far the easiest way to continue your journey towards a greenerlyfe, just 3 simple steps.

The Benefits

We love lyfeEssentials and we know you will too.
Here are just some of the great benefits you’ll receive with your membership

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£6.50 Members SAVE 10%
£12.50 Members SAVE 20%
£2.60 Members SAVE 5%
£28.00 Members SAVE 20%
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£9.00 Members SAVE 10%
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£3.60 Members SAVE 15%

Joining lyfeEssentials happens automatically when you add products from our essentials range worth more than £14.99 to a monthly subscription plan.

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What Our Customers Say

Discovering new eco friendly products was just so easy. The lyfeSwap subscription keeps you on track as you experience a new product every month.

Hannah Di - Doncaster

Such a great idea. I was always too busy to research the best ethical products. With the lyfeDiscovery boxes it's easy to experience eco products in your own home. 

James Murphy - Surrey

I find the lyfeEssentials membership such an easy way to stay stocked on the products I love. Now with regular deliveries I no longer run out of my essential items.

Sky - Barnstable

I'm so happy with my lyfeEssentials membership. Not only is the cost of my regular products are reduced, I also receive discounts on regular products - all delivered free!  

Jack Boyd - Cardiff

As a lyfeSwap member I get exclusive discounts as well as being able to order anything from the online store and get it delivered for free at the same time. Awesome! 

Stuart Henderson - Dundee

Love it! I chose the lyfeDiscovery Home box and was impressed with the quality of the products. I'm now placing regular orders for my essentials. Thanks greenerlyfe x

Jenny - Birmingham

lyfeEssentials in Focus

We know how difficult it is to, not only start living more sustainably, but also how hard it is to continue your goal long term.

Our lyfeEssentials membership is designed to help keep you stocked with all the eco friendly essentials you love.

We deliver your chosen products direct to your door either once a month, once every two months or once every three months depending on the frequency you choose.

You’ll receive product discounts for regular deliveries as well as exclusive member discounts on nearly all one off purchases from our shop plus, if you’ve discovered other great products from within our shop then guess what ? – yes it all gets delivered for FREE with your next lyfeEssentials delivery.


Can I buy products from the shop and get them delivered free with lyfeEssentials?

Yes you can and not only will the items be delivered for free, many of our products offer great members discounts as well.

I'd love to add more items from your shop for delivery each month, how do I do that ?

Simply login to your account with us and our website will recognise you as a member. Within the shop browse to the products you would like to subscribe to and simply tick the box that says “Add to my subscription”

I live outside the UK, can I still get lyfeEssentials products delivered?

Sadly at the moment we cannot deliver outside the UK. Please do register your interest through our contact form, if we get enough interest then you might change our minds 🙂

I'm away on holiday for a month, can I suspend the lyfeEssentials membership?

Yes you can, you are in complete control of when you receive the lyfeEssentials products from us. Simply login to your account, select subscriptions and choose suspend. When you get back from your trip activate the subscription from the same screen.

If I wish to, can I cancel lyfeEssentials?

We’d be disappointed if you left us but of course you can cancel at any time through My Account.

Still Unsure?

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