About greenerlyfe

At greenerlyfe our goal is to provide quality information, resources and products that enhance lives through sustainable living.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How can I make the things in my everyday life more sustainable ?
  • I’d love to have a greener life but where do I start ?
  • Where can I find an eco friendly ________  that works but also looks great?
  • I’ve started to become more sustainable in my life but want to do more – what’s next ?

Our eco friendly blog as well as the products we offer aim to answers these and many other questions along with some great advice, conversations and banter.

Our Story

A bit about me – like many of us I’ve been listening to the media talk about climate change for many years now. My journey to become a little greener started with just one small step – I bought myself a reusable coffee cup.

At the time I found it quite difficult to find an eco friendly cup that had a nice design, a product that was manufactured to a high standard. I finally decided on a cup and once it arrived I felt that the small step I had made was actually part of something much bigger – a positive contribution towards helping the environment and climate change.

After purchasing my cup I started to look around for other products in my life that I could swap for environmentally kind alternatives. This is where it became difficult. My busy life meant that I didn’t prioritise my search and my eco friendly journey came to an end.

It was then I thought of an idea, what if sustainable products were put in front of me without having to spend the time making sure they were both good for me and the environment. Surely if I had eco friendly product ideas delivered to me then my plan would not lose momentum as it had before.

lyfeSwap was born.


Every month our eco friendly subscription delivers everyday essentials and green products direct to your door so you can enjoy discovering them from the comfort of your own home.

It keeps you focused on your goal, never losing momentum ensuring you stay on track. In no time at all you’ll have swapped out many of your everyday products for greener alternatives turning small changes into big ones.

As well as lyfeSwap we also have a online shop with a huge range of sustainable products all of which have been specifically chosen for their ethical values. Wherever possible we select UK suppliers to help reduce carbon miles and support local businesses.

I do hope you enjoy our website, if you have any questions please Get in Touch.

Best, Steve