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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

How Often to Use Beard Balm – My Routine

how often to use beard balm

As a 30-year-old guy who has sported a beard for a significant part of my adult life, I’ve learned that maintaining facial hair is more than just letting it grow wild. Beard balm has become an essential part of my grooming routine but how often should you use it?

How often to use beard balm is a personal choice however using a natural beard balm in your daily grooming routine will keep your beard hydrated for the day. Other benefits of daily use include easy styling, conditioning and will leave you with a lovely scented beard.

Whilst everyone is different in this article, I’ll try to share my personal experience with using beard balm, why I use it every day and why I’ve chosen to transition to more natural and eco-friendly products in my daily grooming routine.

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Take Me There

Why I Started Using Beard Balm

My journey with beard balm began when I decided to grow out my beard.

It started as a fun experiment, but as it grew longer and thicker,

I quickly realized that it needed more than just occasional trimming.

My beard became unruly, and I encountered some common beard problems like itchiness, dryness, and frizz.

That’s when I stumbled upon beard balm.

It promised to address many of the issues I was facing and keep my beard looking and feeling great.

I decided to give it a try, and I haven’t looked back since.

Understanding the Basics of Beard Balm

Before delving into how often I use beard balm, let’s briefly go over what it is and what it does.

Beard balm is a grooming product specifically designed for facial hair.

It typically contains a blend of natural ingredients, such as beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils, that work together to provide several benefits:


Beard balm helps keep your beard and the skin beneath it moisturized. This is crucial for preventing dryness, flakiness, and the dreaded “beardruff.”


It provides a light to medium hold, making it easier to shape and tame your beard. This is especially useful if you want to maintain a neat appearance.


The natural oils in beard balm help soften the beard hair, making it more manageable and less prone to tangles and knots.


Many beard balms come in a variety of scents, which can add a pleasant aroma to your beard.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what beard balm is and what it does, let’s talk about how often I use it in my daily grooming routine.

My Daily Beard Balm Routine

beard balm daily routine

Morning Routine

In the morning, after I’ve washed my face and gently patted my beard dry, I reach for my trusty beard balm.

The frequency of application varies from person to person, depending on factors like beard length and personal preference.

For me, a daily application of beard balm works wonders.

I scoop out a small amount (usually a dime-sized portion) and rub it between my palms to emulsify it.

Then, I evenly distribute it through my beard, making sure to work it into the skin beneath as well.

This helps to hydrate my beard and prevent it from feeling dry or itchy throughout the day.

The beeswax in the balm also gives my beard a slight hold, allowing me to shape it and keep those stray hairs in check.

The way I apply the beard balm doesn’t leave my beard feeling heavy or greasy; it’s just a subtle, natural look which is the look I’m after.

Midday Refresher

Certainly not every day but if I’m facing a particularly dry or windy day, I do sometimes give my beard a midday refresher.

This involves applying a tiny amount of beard balm to areas that may have lost some moisture or shape.

It’s a quick and easy way to keep my beard looking and feeling its best and I can apply it even if I’m out and about.

Evening Routine:

Before bed, I go through my evening grooming routine, which includes another application of beard balm.

This serves as an overnight treatment to keep my beard soft and manageable.

The added bonus is that it makes my beard smell fantastic as I drift off to sleep.

beard balm make beard smell fantastic
Beard Balm Makes Your Beard Smell Fantastic

Choosing Natural and Eco-Friendly Beard Balm

As I’ve become more conscious of the products I use in my daily routine, I’ve started to pay closer attention to the ingredients in my beard balm.

Many commercial beard balms contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals that I’d rather avoid.

Additionally, the packaging of some products can be wasteful and harmful to the environment.

That’s why I’ve made the switch to more natural and eco-friendly beard balms, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Here’s why:

Ingredient Transparency

Natural beard balms typically have fewer ingredients, and those ingredients are easily recognizable.

I appreciate knowing exactly what’s going into the product I’m using on my face.

Plus, natural ingredients are often gentler on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Many eco-conscious brands use recyclable or biodegradable packaging, which aligns with my commitment to reducing waste.

Some even offer refill options, reducing the need for excess packaging altogether.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

By choosing natural and eco-friendly beard balm brands, I feel like I’m contributing to a more sustainable and responsible industry.

These companies often prioritize ethical sourcing of ingredients and sustainable production methods.

Less Irritation and Allergies

Synthetic fragrances and chemicals found in some commercial beard balms can irritate the skin and even trigger allergies.

Natural products are less likely to cause these issues, making for a more comfortable grooming experience.

Closing Thoughts

In my journey to maintain a healthy and stylish beard, beard balm has become an invaluable tool in my grooming arsenal.

Using it daily keeps my beard soft, hydrated, and well-groomed.

Plus, I’ve made the switch to natural and eco-friendly beard balms, which not only benefit my beard but also align with my commitment to more sustainable living.

Whether you’re a seasoned beard enthusiast or just starting to grow your facial hair, finding the right grooming products, including beard balm, is essential.

Why not experiment with different application frequencies to discover what works best for your beard?

Consider making the switch to natural and eco-friendly products to prioritize both your beard’s health and the health of our planet.

After all, a well-maintained beard should not come at the expense of the environment.

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