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000's of Quality Products

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28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Switch to Reusable Makeup Pads Today – Your Sustainable Option

reusable makeup pads

Reusable makeup pads are a sustainable option for your beauty regime. Not only are they great for the environment but also kind to your skin.

Disposable items, like makeup remover cotton pads, are well-known to be exceptionally detrimental to our natural environment.

More individuals and families around the world have committed to living sustainable lives in order to lower the human impact of toxic and hard-to-breakdown trash that fills our garbage dumps higher with every passing year.

Consider making the smart and eco-friendly switch to reusable makeup pads today.

Doing this helps to save our beautiful planet, and this conservation measure can save consumers a substantial amount of money as well.

Troubling Facts Regarding Cotton Farming

Many are totally unaware of the substantial negative impact that typical cotton farming has today on our environment.

This is especially true for cotton farming methods used that are not organically sourced.

The harmful pesticides and other dangerous chemicals commonly used in farming cotton are a major cause of toxic pollution.

They can harm the world’s delicate eco-system balance due to runoff into nearby streams, rivers and other natural water sources.

This can pollute our drinking water sources and cause serious harm to plants, wildlife and humans for generations to come.

Why Using Cotton Makeup Removal Pads Can Harm Skin

Scientists and beauty experts today have sounded the alarm on why using standard makeup remover cotton pads can actually cause serious harm to your tender facial skin especially around the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Unfortunately, the naturally absorbent nature of dry cotton wipes has a tendency to dry out and dehydrate the skin.

This characteristic of non-organically farmed cotton pads is similar to the reasons why many women of color, who often have dry courser hair, utilize silk based pillowcases that help the hair fibers and skin retain their natural and healthy oils.

Additionally, the rough and scratchy cotton fibers often shed leaving hard-to-see dots of this fibrous material behind to irritate tender skin even further.

This then leads to skin rashes, itching, a dull complexion, clogged pores and other unwanted skin related conditions.

Make the Switch to Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Instead

Environmentalists and professional skincare and beauty experts highly encourage individuals to make the simple switch to better-for-your-skin reusable cosmetic pads to remove makeup, apply skincare products or other purposes.

This is a practical alternative to relying on traditional cotton pads that can dry out and damage skin and increase landfill waste substantially over time.

Choose reusable makeup wipes made from pure and softer organic cotton or bamboo fibers that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture needed for that healthy glow everyone desires.

How to Make your Own Eco Friendly Makeup Remover

Harsh chemicals usually found in ordinary disposable makeup remover pads can irritate eyes and skin.

A terrific alternative is for gals to make their own eco friendly makeup remover using ingredients that are often found in your kitchen.

  1. Select natural coconut oil, pure olive oil or another gentle based oil as the agent to remove stubborn eye mascara and other makeup. Use 3 tablespoons.
  2. Combine with 3 tablespoons of witch hazel. This common household ingredient has been used for generations as a natural skin toner safe and gentle enough for the delicate skin around eyes and over the face.
  3. Mix in 3 tablespoons of clean water.
  4. Combine the above ingredients into a clean container that has a lid and mix thoroughly.
  5. Shake well before use. Pour onto reusable makeup remover pads of your choice.

Making your own makeup remover using gentler and natural based wholesome ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals, like pesticides or other harmful additives, can truly make a huge dent in reducing mountains of landfill trash if even some of the world’s massive population groups made this easy eco friendly beauty commitment.

Determining to only buy and use reusable makeup pads in your household can help preserve our planet’s gorgeous scenery and natural resources without spending a lot of extra time, effort or money.

Incorporate an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Into your Beauty Routine

It really is simple to incorporate an earth-friendly lifestyle into your everyday beauty and skincare routine.

There are a number of great cosmetic removal products that are kinder both to our fragile skin and to our priceless planet’s complex eco-systems worldwide.

Some practical and popular earth saving ways able to help save our bountiful planet resources for future generations to enjoy include the following eco-friendly ideas.

  • Buy or make reusable makeup pads
  • Make your own cosmetic remover solutions
  • Look for biodegradable beauty & skincare products
  • Use organic, bamboo, hemp or other natural cosmetic pads and cloths
  • Avoid cosmetic chemicals in skincare or beauty supplies

Thoughts on Natural Sea Sponges for Skin Exfoliation

Although there are many types of natural sea sponges currently on the market, there are some compelling reasons to limit or avoid most of these items.

Sponges are living entities that takes years to grow in our beautiful ocean floors and reefs.

Sponges in their native habitat are important components of our planet’s effective and healthy sea life ecosystems.

Due to this, most environmentalists caution against supporting beauty companies that utilize unethical and harmful sponge retrieval processes.

Some excellent alternatives to using sponges include choosing soft muslin cloths made from 100% organic Egyptian or other comparable cotton sources.

These cloths are terrific choices for those with blemish prone and/or oily skin.

These cloths are also environmentally better, and they can be conveniently washed to save cash as an added economical bonus.

Environmental Importance of Using Reusable Makeup Pads

It is essential for more individuals to choose leading earth conscientious lifestyles if our planet’s future is to be secured for our children and grandchildren in the not so distant future.

Along with researching companies and products to ensure that they follow eco-friendly manufacturing guidelines, ordinary citizens that want to do-their-part in protecting the earth can by switching to reusable makeup wipes.

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