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000's of Quality Products

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28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Organic Cotton Pads – Your sustainable option

Organic cotton pads

Replacing every day items we use with sustainable options is a must these days. Buying organic cotton pads is just one way we can make a difference.

There is a positive movement among people today regarding taking steps to save our beautiful planet.

Many individuals are choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle to limit their household’s negative footprint left behind that can impact the environment for generations.

More younger individuals are joining the environmentalist movement, and their shopping habits are reflecting their deep concern over how much trash sits for years, decades and longer in dump sites.

Much of this trash is due to the usage of disposable products like throw away wipes, makeup pads, face cloths and the like.

A simple way that individuals, worried about environmental issues, can make a positive environmental difference is to make the switch from disposable face pads and cleaning wipes over to reusable cotton pads such as naturally biodegradable organic cotton pads.

These are a terrific sustainable option that everyone should consider using.

What Are Organic Cotton Pads?

Organic cotton pads are cotton based pads that are made from organically farmed cotton material.

Cotton farmed organically doesn’t require massive amounts of environmentally damaging pesticides and various chemicals like the tradition cotton fabrics generally do these days.

Consumers can easily find substitute products that are better for the earth just by being more conscientious in their shopping habits for household goods and personal care products.

Many of the available disposable wipes, throw away cleaning cloths and disposable personal care products have more sustainable options that consumers can use instead.

Some of the available sustainable products include:

  • Organic cotton rounds
  • Organic cotton reusable face pads
  • Organic reusable face pads
  • Organic disposable wipes
  • Organic cotton makeup pads

These reusable products are far better for the well-being of our planet and its fragile eco-systems.

They naturally break down when disposed of into the trash.

Many of these reusable products are economical as well.

This is an added plus to switching over to natural based household and personal care products that can be reused time after time.

Why Move to Organic Cotton Face Pads?

There are many fantastic and compelling reasons to move over to more reusable organic cotton pads instead of the usual disposable varieties of products.

Some common reasons for making the switch include:

  • Reusable cotton pads cost less over time
  • Better on the environmental eco-systems
  • Reduces household trash
  • Naturally gentler on sensitive skin
  • Can be bought or handmade
  • Are naturally biodegradable

Environmentalists point out that reusable and sustainable household products are better for the earth, wildlife, natural vegetation and more.

These sustainable purchase options are also better for babies, children, adults and seniors that might have more sensitive skin.

Additionally, organic based cotton products won’t endanger the nearby water sources in the way that traditional cotton farming processes are known to do.

Troubling Stats on Usage of Disposable Wipes on Our Environment

There are a number of recent studies regarding the massive usage of disposable wipes, such as diaper wipes, hand cleaning wet wipes, throw away makeup pads and cleaning products, that get tossed after one use.

The statistics of the amount of damage these products are doing to wildlife and the earth’s delicate eco-systems are more than troubling.

Consider the following:

Wet wipes were what caused 90% of sewer blockages in 2017 according to a UK water investigation.

A more recent study in 2019 urges everyone to stop using disposable wet wipes, nappies and other disposable wet wipe products due to the massive negative impact these items are leaving each year on the environment.

This study found a scary 11 billion wet wipes used in the UK each and every year.

Even our choice of makeup wipes matter with regards to the health of our planet. One survey points out that more makeup wipes contain plastics these days, and are not going to break down in the trash dumps anytime soon.

Some Great Organic Cotton Makeup Pads

KOBWA Reusable Make Up Remover Pads

16 Packs Washable Bamboo Cotton by KOBWA

These handy bamboo cotton pads can be used for multiple purposes for even greater economical and practical value.

Simply grab one of these strong yet gentle cotton cleansing wipes to wipe face/eye area clean of eye shadow or mascara, or use to wipe your entire face clean of any overall facial makeup residue.

Tip: These eco-friendly bamboo cotton pads make outstanding gifts for new mothers.

This is a fantastic way to promote sustainable living to others.

MYPURECORE Reusable Make Up Remover Pads Set

16 Pads Per Pack Biodegradable Natural Vegan Bamboo Fabric by MYPURECORE

These impressively effective eco friendly organic makeup pads are crafted from natural based bamboo cotton.

This material is considered biodegradable due to the natural vegan bamboo fabric that makes up the pads.

These handy and convenient facial cleansing pads are safe for all skin types.

This set includes 16 pads per each pack, and an easy-care laundry bag is included.

Just toss these organic cotton rounds into the wash for simple cleanup.


There is hope for the protection of our shared planet with all of its life sustaining properties.

As more individuals determine to live sustainable lifestyles, the negative footprint that all humans leave on their surrounding environment can be drastically lessened.

Over time, those little differences will begin to add up.

Take some time to research further the value and benefit to the environment that utilising eco-friendly organic cotton pads can bring.

Along with the two before mentioned organic bamboo cotton rounds, there are other sustainable products currently on the market.

Replacing your disposable wipes with sustainable options helps save the earth, protects vulnerable ecosystems and saves money in the long run.

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