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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Eco Gifts for Kids – From New Born Babies to Teens

eco gifts for kids

Many environmentally conscious parents in the UK and elsewhere are committed to buying eco gifts for kids.

A Harvard study offers some insight into why a consumer would actually change their shopping habits to buy more sustainable products and support those companies dedicated to greener production policies and end products.

Contrary to popular opinion, the green consumers tend to be older and above the age of 45 still.

However, the generation named the Millenials which are starting to live sustainable lifestyles, are prone to be more supportive of environmentally conscious companies and have more characteristics that support sustainable development goals according to a Forbes article and related research.

There are many benefits of buying more eco gifts for kids from infants to teens that every parent should seriously consider.

Read on for all you need to know about eco gifts for kids.

Why Choose Sustainable Presents for Kids?

As the older generations, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends can pass their dedication to keeping the earth safe for future generations down to the up and coming younger generations.

Choosing to give sustainable gifts for kids is a great way to start.

Not only do greener gifts make a perfect example of living a greener lifestyle, there are other important benefits to this action as well.

These benefits include:

  • Organic gifts are naturally gentle for babies and children
  • Sustainable gifts help save our planet
  • Buying from green companies help to change the way we do business
  • Less packaging & waste limits dump trash and rubbish
  • Green toys are fun & promote better health & well-being
  • Teaches kids & teens to be good citizens
  • Saves exploited child labourers in third-world countries
  • Feels fantastic

When To Give Eco Gifts To Children?

There are many terrific times during a child’s lifetime to give eco gifts to children of all ages.

Smart consumers looking for earth-friendly baby products, childcare gear, kids clothing, toys and craft kits will find many great products sold by green committed retailers and manufacturers in the UK and around the globe.

Some important child milestone dates that make ideal occasions to send or personally give greener and sustainable gifts for children include:

  • Baby showers
  • Baby births
  • Child birthdays
  • Christenings & other religious events
  • Christmas
  • Other holidays where gifts are exchanged – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc.
  • Prom
  • Graduation parties

Eco Gifts for Kids

Some fabulous examples of eco-friendly gifts for kids include everything from ethical jewelry, religious celebration clothing, organic baby clothes, diapers and bed covers, glass bottles, sustainable baby/toddler food dishes and toxic-free wooden toys to name just a few.

When in search of sustainable kids products, toys and gifts, remember to choose environmentally committed companies whenever possible.

Most companies today are transparent about their business practices if they promote themselves as a green company or manufacturer.

Some Eco Friendly Baby Gifts

Lucy Bee sells gentle on skin and better for the earth, Ylang Ylang Jasmine and Cedarwood Natural Soap among other sustainable skin care and beauty products.

These products are safer for tender baby skin, and parents will love them as well.

Try Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set for a simply delicious soft and sustainable basket of newborn baby essential products.

Under the Nile has some beautiful and eco-friendly and organic material baby clothes and products well-suited for the eco-committed shopper.

Our Greenhouse has superb personalised baby gift baskets too dreamy to pass up.

Earth Hero is another sustainable baby product company that offers exquisite baby onsies, rattles and blankets made of the softest and most-touchable fabrics that are organic and safe for baby use.

There are a number of lovely eco friendly baby toys to pick from too.

Great Organic Toddler Gifts & Eco Friendly Toddler Gifts

Lucy Bee and other green companies offer natural organic soaps, known to be extra-gentle on young skin, among other sustainable skin care and beauty products.

These can be paired with natural bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste perfect for growing toddlers wanting to do it for themselves.

Consider a soft and cuddly White & Green Herringbone Brushed Cotton Throw by Herringbone.

This is terrific for nap times and as a cuddle blanket when feeling scared or lonely.

Kids of this age will love a Knitted Finger Puppets by Fair & Square Imports.

This company only deals with those businesses and suppliers that comply with fair trade for kids regulations.

Parents and other gift givers looking for that perfect toddler toy can find a colourful Green Toys Tool Set by Froggies.

Made in the USA from recycled milk bottles, this toy set is durable enough to last through a toddler’s energetic play years.

Eco Friendly Kids Gifts

There are phenomenal and eco friendly kids gift ideas of every description for every age ranging from preschool ages to about 10 years old.

Craft kits are fantastic gift selections for kids of any age.

Many larger department stores now stock eco-friendly craft kits and art projects perfect to keep children happy and thoroughly entertained while learning new skills at the same time.

Try the large Alex Toys Eco Craft that includes supplies to make 20 environmentally friendly crafts using recycled crayons and other sustainable materials well suited for children aged 6 and above.

This would be a nice rainy day family craft project everyone could enjoy. Rooster Home & Hardware sells wonderful and sustainable metal potholder looms unlike the easily broken cheap plastic types typically found on the market.

This great gift also includes natural cotton loops made of genuine earth-friendly cotton rather than synthetic polyesters made of toxic plastic materials.

Kids of any sex or size will enjoy making handmade potholders for others too as an added bonus.

Other outstanding and eco friendly children’s gifts include fun eco-lunch boxes that are free from plastics.

Made from stainless steel and silicone in cute designs, these drastically reduce waste from disposable lunch containers rapidly filling up our landfills every single day.

Check out our guide on eco friendly lunch boxes for a nice style selection.

Another way to promote green lifestyles in a fun and educational manner is to give books suited for each child’s age on how to save our beautiful planet.

Choose from a cute books from Mother Earth News about composting and bees and other eco-friendly book publishers.

Add a simple plant container to decorate, soil and seeds for a complete and fun introduction to gardening every kid is sure to love.

Eco Friendly Tween Gifts

Those in-between kid years of nearing end of childhood and entering the teen years don’t have to be boring when it comes to sustainable and always eco friendly children’s gifts with a bit of thought.

These gift ideas are perfect for ages 8 to 12 or thereabouts depending on each unique child receiving the gift.

The trick is to keep the gift fun without seeming to be too babyish in the process.

Fortunately, kids of this age love getting things in the mail and enjoy sets of things and collections.

Why not give a subscription box to an eco friendly company that sends monthly or other timely shipped boxes filled with anything imaginable?

Choose a Beautiful Girl Happy Box from Natural Life.

It contains brightly hued items like a Boho-inspired Bandeau, wishing bracelets, small pouches and other treasures any girl will adore.

Find enchanting thinking-of-you small packages with succulent plant and container with an accompanying natural scented candle.

For boys or girls interested in wood-carving, consider eco gifts for kids such as a starter carving knife like My First Opinel Natural Rounded Folding Knife from Whole Earth Provision.

Eco Friendly Teen Gifts

Some of the same gift ideas for tweens can also work for teens if the products come in fun yet a bit more mature options.

Teens enjoy getting mail too, and there are lots of eco friendly subscription type boxes for this age group.

Choose an eco friendly T-shirt by Wholesome Culture, check out Booda Butter eco gift bags by Booda Organics or try roll-on Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil and/or Seascape Uplift Awake Oil which is all the rage with teen girls around the world.

Chilly’s sustainable water bottles are also hot sellers these days, and these can be personalized for sports-minded or simply fashion-conscious teens with a desire to save the planet.

Other teen gifts include ethically sourced jewelry made by kids across the sea and funky handmade recycled-glass spirit bottle lamps battery-powered for convenient mobile use.


It is never too early or late to teach kids to do their part in saving our environment.

Teach them to choose ethical gifts for kids, and educate them on fair trade for kids. Remember, buying green gifts for kids can help save our world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone did the same?

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