Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle Review

Our review of the Black+Blum inulated water bottle highlighted just how good this bottle is in so many ways. From it’s good looks to how it feels in the hand. We do feel that it may be overlooked because of its price but you get what you pay for.

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Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle Review

Our Verdict

Great 9.1/10


  • Great plastic free bottle – stylish design
  • Keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Simple to clean
  • Great for the office, picnics, ramblers, backpackers etc


  • A little expensive for a water bottle, although there are some good deals around.
  • If dropped the bottle may dent due to being made from stainless steel.
  • Wide spout may not suit all uses.

Technical Details

500 ml / 17 fl oz

Weight (oz)
280g / 0.6lbs

D7.3cm H23cm / D2.8″ H9″

Available Colours
Orange, Ocean & Olive

Notable Materials
Stainless steel, silicone and artificial leather

Manufacturing Country

Warranty Information
2 years (Black & Blum Warranty)

Buying Options

RRP: £26.95




greenerlyfe (UK)



$30.25 | €28.29

Full Review

For those that want that little bit more from their water bottle then the insulated water bottle from Black+Blum could easily be your bottle of choice.

This beautifully designed product ensures your drinks stay cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 and with the bottle being available in 3 distinct colours you can express your personality with this very functional thermos.

We opted for the orange variation however the other colours are just as vibrant and importantly all are BPA free.

Opening the Box

Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle - Unboxing
Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Unboxing

The packaging is made from card that is 100% recyclable and has all the product information printed directly on the box itself.

Opening the box is a delight, the bottle slides out effortlessly and on first touch feels of high quality. The bottle is smooth, brushed stainless steel with a beautiful sheen.

Design and Materials

There’s really no getting away from the fact that Black+Blum make some really beautiful products. Here’s what Dan Black, Co-founder & Lead designer had to say

“Our aim is to become design leaders and innovators in our product sector”

The insulated water bottle is no exception to this rule and at first glance, really looks the part.

The stainless steel has a brushed finish but still allows for that all important shine that only comes from metal products. The coloured silicone is used to create a strong seal and the vegan leather strap ensures you’ll never lose the lid and allows for easy carrying.

Before you remove the lid you’ll notice two things. Firstly the accenting colour against the steel is just the right balance. Secondly, the vegan leather strap compliments the bottle feels soft to the touch and of course allows the bottle to be carried effortlessly.

What you may not notice is the subtle branding that Black+Blum have added, so subtle that their logo does not distract from the overall design itself.

Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Branding
Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Branding

When you open the lid it reveals the wide spout which may or may not suit all uses however what you do get is a strong feeling of cleanliness due to the stainless steel construction.

Some steel water bottles have a silicone base that serves to reduce the noise when placed on a surface and also to stop the bottle from sliding about.

This bottle does not have this kind of base and so subsequently is a little loud when placed down. From a stability perspective, the bottle is stable and even without a silicone base does not sufficiently slide to warrant concern.

Features & Use

One of the best features of this bottle is the carrying handle. It makes it super simple to carry around, feels strong and is soft to the touch. We have small hands and so we could use 1 or 2 fingers to hold the bottle. Those with bigger hands may only be able to use one finger.

Worth noting that whilst you can remove the lid and the strap from the bottle, you cannot remove the strap from the lid so you cannot remove the strap completely without damaging the strap itself.

The water bottle is also lightweight. When you pick it up empty you’ll be surprised how light it feels even though it has the double steel skin to provide the insulation.

In terms of size, with a diameter of 7.3cm/2.8” you’ll find it will fit most backpack bottle holders making it ideal for ramblers and those that love the outdoors. Although the bottle did fit in our car’s cup holder the height of the bottle makes it slightly impractical to use whilst travelling.

Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle - Car Cup Holder
Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Car Cup Holder

The lid itself screws into the spout confidently and the silicone seal makes for a 100% leakproof bottle. The wide spout was a feature we really loved. Not only did it make the cleaning of the bottle nice a simple (there are no fiddly straws!) we actually found it a pleasure to drink from. The thread of the lid is on the inside which makes for smooth drinking.

The liquid is unrestricted as you take a drink so although we found it excellent, it is something you’ll need to get used to especially if you’re used to a bottle with a straw or small opening.

Talking about cleaning it should be noted that Black+Blum do not recommend cleaning the insulated bottle in the dishwasher. We didn’t find that an issue to be honest, as mentioned the wide spout made it simple to clean with hot soapy water with a rinse afterwards.

Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Wide Spout
Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle – Wide Spout

Being made from metal, use in the microwave is clearly an absolute no-no!

Ok, so let’s discuss the real reason you’d buy an insulated water bottle. You’ll either be wanting to keep drinks hot, cold or both (at separate times of course!)

Starting with cold drinks, Black+Blum state that the insulated bottle will keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. We tested this claim in our controlled room by keeping the air temperature at 21oC and filling the bottle with cold water which was at 6oC. After waiting 24 hours we opened up the bottle to find the water was now at 8.7oC which is a rise of just 2.7oC – not bad.

The same experiment was conducted after bringing the bottle back up to room temperature, although this time the bottle was filled with water measuring 90oC. Re-opening the bottle after 12 hours, which is the claim from Black+Blum the water inside was still at a hot 72oC.

Overall we think the Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle is a great investment. Although perhaps not suitable for every use this bottle is made to a high standard which is reflected in its cost and any bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold for that long is a no-brainer in our books.

Experience Timeline

Initial Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Unpacking pleasing, delight to drink from for the first time
  • Not dishwasher safe

After 2 weeks of use

Condition: Good

  • The orange color on the bottle and the collar have not discolored
  • Some very fine hairline scratches on the body of the bottle
  • Cannot use at the gym whilst running due to the wide spout!