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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

What is so Special About Turkish Towels? 9 Reasons to Buy

what is so special about turkish towels

Recently I’ve been looking at towel options for my home and whilst researching the topic I came across Turkish towels. At first glance, I was quite sceptical of the benefits of this type of towel especially as they seem a little more expensive than regular towels. I really wasn’t sure whether they would be a good fit for my home and family.

Turkish Towels really are special in so many ways. They come in beautiful colours, are eco-friendly, lightweight, long-lasting, super easy to care for, and fold up extremely small making them especially good for our homes, travelling, and on-the-go living. Best of all, they’re eco-friendly.

The benefits of Turkish towels seem endless but if you’re still not sure whether these kinds of towels are for you then read on where I uncover my top 9 reasons why you should invest in Turkish towels.

9 Reasons Why Turkish Towels Are So Special

1) Awesome for Travelling

Turkish towels are ideal for the travellers amongst us. Being lightweight and thin, these towels pack well and won’t eat up your luggage weight allowance. If you’re a beach lover then there is one additional benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sand does not stick to a Turkish towel – I know, I could hardly believe this myself so I wrote an article on the topic – “Are Turkish Towels Sand Resistant, are they beach ready?” which I’d encourage you to read next.

2) Excellent Drying Time

No matter whether you use these towels at home or on the move the fact that the towels are so thin makes them dry super fast.

They come into their own in smaller bathrooms, let me explain why. Most regular towels will only dry on a towel rail as they need to be opened out to ensure the maximum surface area is exposed to the air. Turkish towels will dry quickly even when hung on a hook making them ideal for areas where space is a problem.

3) Lightweight

Due to the way Turkish towels are manufactured, essentially the tight weave, they are incredibly lightweight making them ideal for travelling, carrying, or wearing as clothing.

4) Colourful Patterns & Designs

peshtemal towels organic cotton
Turkish Towels Come in Vibrant Designs

During my research, I’ve seen some beautifully designed Turkish towels. If you’re looking for a single coloured towel then you’re in luck as they come in every colour imaginable ensuring you’ll be able to find a suitable towel to match your home decor or styling needs.

As well as the single coloured towels, a wide variety of patterned towels are also available on the market. I purchased a different towel for each of my children which ensures they know which is theirs and ultimately stops the fights at the beach!

5) Range of Sizes

One of the great benefits of Turkish towels is that they come in a wide variety of sizes. Having said that most of the towels are available in the bigger sizes mainly due to their intended use, bath time, beach time, etc.

The average size is somewhere around 95cm x 175 cm which really is quite big.

6) Durable & Long Lasting

As long as you invest in a good quality towel it may last a lifetime. Turkish towels made by master weavers in Turkey make a wonderfully hardwearing towel that as long as it’s cared for in the right way will last a very long time.

7) Take Up Less Space

turkish towels take up less space
Turkish Towels are Thinner – They take up Less Space

This is not only a travel topic where of course the thinness of the towel makes it a dream to pack.

Storing towels in your home becomes a lot easier as they simply take up much less space than normal towels.

8) Easy to Care For

Caring for your Turkish towels is super simple mainly due to the properties I’ve already mentioned.

It’s always best to check the washing instructions for the towel you buy however as a general rule wash you’re towels either by hand or in a washing machine in 30 degree water along with items of a similar colour.

Avoid any fabric softener and hang dry your towels (do not use a tumble dryer, you won’t need to as they dry so fast!)

If you are not keen on the hang dry finish of your towels you can iron on a high heat like all other cottons.

For complete washing instructions for Turkish towels check out my article “How to Wash Turkish Towels, our complete guide

9) So Many Other Uses

There are so many other uses for Turkish towels which include using them as a picnic blanket when you’re out and about or in your home as a couch throw or table runner.

One of the most popular uses for these types of towels is as items of clothing. You can wear your towel as a scarf, swim cover-up, or wrap to name just a few.

For example, here’s a lovely clip from Cityline on how to DIY a chic cardigan from any Turkish towel.

Other Names for Turkish Towels

If you are on your research journey into Turkish towels then one thing you should absolutely know is that they are also known by other names.

Because these towels were originally used in Turkey by people who attended the local communal baths (or Hammams) they can be referred to as Hammam towels and in some parts of the world people also call them Peshtemal towels.

Essentially whether they are called Hammam, Peshtemal, or Turkish they are all the same type of towel.

Are Turkish Towels Eco Friendly

Now here is the big question, and the answer is…… Turkish towels are eco-friendly.

Of course, you should ensure that the towel you buy is made from 100% sustainable cotton however there are other reasons why this kind of towel gets the eco stamp of approval.

As standard all of our cotton is OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified. This means that there are no toxic of hazardous chemicals in them.


The fact that they dry so quickly means that they won’t smell as much and hence need laundering much less than regular cotton towels.

When laundering is needed, because they are so thin, they take up much less room in the washing machine, can be washed in cold water (around 30 degrees) and both fabric conditioner and tumble drying are not recommended.


When I started my research I also wondered what is so special about Turkish towels and so I hope by including here my top 9 reasons I’ve helped you in some way to make a decision that moves you forward.

I can honestly say that when it comes to travelling it’s an absolute no-brainer as they say. The days of lugging heavy beach towels around the world have long gone thanks to these types of towels.

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