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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Silicone Straws: why should you switch and which are the best?

Silicone straws

We know silicone straws are better for the environment but why should you switch and which are the best?

The concern about the environment is the major reason to consider using reusable straws.

They are made from environmentally safe materials that do not add to landfills as do billions of tons of plastic disposed of each year.

It isn’t difficult to imagine how 500 million plastic straws used every day results in huge pollution every year.

Researchers have found that 70 percent of all sea birds and 30 percent of sea turtles ingest plastics as found in their systems.

Why Are Silicone Straws Better?

Silicone straws are better than plastic straws for several reasons.

They are easy to clean and ready to use when tucked into a purse or pocket.

Too often, plastic straws end up in street gutters and in local lakes and streams as litter.

Plastic straws are not reusable and contain materials that are hazardous to health as they break down in soil.

With the choices of silicone, bamboo, stainless steel and glass straws, you can easily select one or more types of reusable straws to help maintain a safe, healthy environment.

Pros of Silicone Reusable Straws

One important fact about silicone straws is that they wholly ecologically safe and are made from silica which is a natural element of the environment.

They are easy to cut to sizes needed for non-standard size glasses.

These straws are flexible and ideal for use for children or infirm adults who require assistance with liquids.

They are suited to hot and cold drinks.

One feature is that dentists recommend them to help fight tooth decay, acid erosion and stains on teeth.

Cons of Silicone Straws

Unlike glass straws, straws made of silicone are not transparent.

They can become too flexible as they begin to wear.

Also, they are not heat sensitive like stainless steel straws.

The user may not be aware of how hot or cold the beverage is when touching the outer part of these straws.

The Colourful Straw

Silicone straws come in a vast array of colours including blue, red, yellow, light blue, lime green, white, pink, black, grey and charcoal grey.

Why not choose a special colour for each family member for their very own use.

And here’s a thought…..

These colourful straws can be introduced to family members and friends as gifts to encourage more people to become aware of the problems plastic straws have created in terms of disposal and damage to the environment.

A Case for the Reusable Straw

Some straws of silicone are sold with eye catching cases that slip neatly onto a key ring or key chain.

Those sold in soft, ecologically safe cloth and faux leather pouches that protect straws from damage and are available in a wide range of colours.

Most fabric pouches have string closures.

Storage cases for reusable straws range from tubular shapes that fit onto a key ring to those for travellers, in a non-plastic carry case that tucks neatly into luggage.

Top Five Brands You Should Consider

The top five brands of silicone straws you should consider include:

Uarter Collapsible Straws of Silicone

Offered in standard drinking straws sizes and also extra wide sizes for smoothies and beverages of a thicker consistency.

Of 289 customers who reviewed Uarter Collapsible Straws, 72 percent rated them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Customers who purchased narrow glass or stainless straws raved about the Uarter straws for their use for smoothies.

Another customer commented on how easy these straws are to clean and they found the brush included was quite useful.

Other customers chose these straws to use at home and the office use as well as for travel.

Sunseeke Reusable Straws of Silicone

These are sold in sets of twelve with a four straw carrying case and 2 cleaning brushes are included.

They are 8 1/2 inches long.

In seven customer reviews, Sunseeke straws were rated five stars.

Customers who reviewed them praised their durability as well as the wider cleaning brush that makes cleaning thorough and easy.

Juxun Premium Reusable Drinking Straws

Juxun offers reusable silicone drinking straws in several sizes that include:

  • 9.8 inch for 20 ounce and 30 ounce tumblers
  • Four wide 0.32 inch straws for smoothies and milkshakes
  • Six regular size 0.2 inch straws for standard size beverages

Two cleaning brushes and one fabric storage pouch is also included.

These reusable straws are PBA free and do not have a rubber aftertaste.

JuJu World Reusable Straws

These are available in 20 and 30 ounces sizes and 15 different colours kids and adults will love.

They fit tumblers perfectly and are food grade quality and BPA free.

Two extra long brushes are included.

79% of customers who reviewed these straws rated them 4.4 of five stars.

One customers commented in a review that reusable straws BPA free fit neatly into travel mug lids.

Two other customers praised the colour assortment and one customer claimed she and her friends were “hooked and would never use plastic straws again.”

Alliance Rubber Company Newest Green Product

These reusable rubber straws are Alliance Rubber Company’s silicone straw product Starfrit,

Product No. 092849-006-0000 Reusable Silicone Straws.

They are sold online on Google in packs of four and are 10.4 inches long.

They are BPS free and protect lips and tongue from temperature shock.

They can be used for coffee, tea, cold drinks cocktails and with large diameter drink containers with thicker consistencies such as smoothies, slushies and milkshakes.

Note that there is no rubber aftertaste.

Since they are a relatively new product, they have not yet been customer rated or reviewed.


If I was to summarise, colourful, useful and convenient describe these types of straws made of silicone.

In contrast to reusable straw alternatives the most useful reason to choose straws of silicone over others is their flexibility.

By the way Starbucks in the UK encourage the use of reusable straws.

In fact, as a follow up to the use of these environmentally safe straws, Starbucks in London introduced reusable cups that, like reusable straws are dishwasher safe.

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