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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Pros and Cons of Turkish Towels, we review the facts

pros and cons of turkish towels

Before I bought my latest batch of towels I did a ton of research into the pros and cons of Turkish towels as the information I found online seemed too good to be true, it seems as though there were literally no disadvantages to using them.

The pros of Turkish towels are that they are lightweight, super-fast drying, beautifully colourful, durable and long-lasting to name a few. The cons of Turkish towels are that they are not as fluffy as regular towels, in some cases more expensive as well as the fringe not being liked by all.

As a quick lookup, I’ve included a table below with the most common benefits of Turkish towels as well as the most common drawbacks of Turkish Towels. If you like to know more then I’ve included a more detailed description further down the page.

Advantages of Turkish TowelsDisadvantages of Turkish Towels
Lightweight DesignCan be more expensive
Incredibly AbsorbentFringe is not liked by all
Quick DryingNot as fluffy as regular towels
Colourful DesignsYou shouldn’t use fabric softener
Eco FriendlyCan shrink slightly after first use

Advantages of Turkish Towels

1. Lightweight Design

Turkish towels are made from long fibres that are tightly woven and this is what makes these towels both thin and extremely lightweight. When you first pick up one of these towels you’ll be really surprised at how light it is and even when the towel is wet it’s still very light.

Being incredibly lightweight makes these towels ideal for use whilst exercising, working out or taking regular swim classes.

Another advantage is they fold up so small making them easy to fit into the smallest of gym bags.

Travelling is where these towels really come into their own. If you are anything like me when I go on vacation I end up using up a lot of luggage space and weight just on beach towels. Being a family of 5, previous holidays have felt that I needed a separate luggage case just for towels!

But no longer, after purchasing 5 Turkish towels for the family I managed to save kgs in weight and a large amount of space which can now be used for extra shoes!

2. Incredibly Absorbent

Ok, so here is the really interesting part. Before buying my first Turkish towel I had a misconception that the fluffier or thicker a towel was the more absorbent it was.

Well with these types of towels, this myth can be well and truly busted!

I still find it amazing how such a thin towel can be so absorbent but when you use one you’ll see exactly what I mean.

When you dry your body after a bath or a swim the towel just wicks away the water and moisture in just one motion leaving your skin soft and most importantly super dry.

peshtemal towel head scarf
Turkish Towels – Great for Hair

3. Quick Drying

This is another amazing benefit of using Turkish towels. Because they are super thin they dry extremely fast.

This seems quite counterintuitive as the towels are so absorbent and take in so much water you would think that they would hold all that water and it would take a long time to dry. But this is not the case which, as already mentioned, makes them ideal for travelling, exercise and outdoor living.

4. Colourful Designs

I just love all the colourful designs of Turkish towels. If you are looking to replace your bathroom towels then no matter what colour your home decor is you’ll definitely find suitable coloured towels.

turkish towels colourful designs
Turkish Towels – Colourful Designs

Towels generally come in either a solid colour or as a pattern with the patterns being my personal favourite. The Turkish design really does come through in the subtle strips and diamond designs.

Handy Tip: When buying towels for the family buy 5 different designs so that everyone knows which towel is theirs!

5. Eco Friendly

When we think about a towel being eco-friendly we must consider what it’s made from, what is involved to care for the item and also how long it lasts and the potential for reuse.

Many of the Turkish towels that you can purchase are made from sustainable cotton and do not contain toxic or hazardous chemicals. Look on the packaging or description to make sure the cotton used to make the towel is OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified.

In terms of caring for Turkish towels, because they dry so fast you actually need to wash them less, it’s not wise to use fabric softener and avoiding the tumble dryer is also a must. With this in mind caring for Turkish towels vs regular towels is much more eco-friendly.

If you care for your towels in the right way they really could last a lifetime. I’ve read reviews and comments all across the internet from people confirming how durable they are.

Even if you get to the point where you’d like to replace your towels, because of all the advantages they make great DIY or crafting towels. The likelihood is that they will never make it to landfill.

Disadvantages of Turkish Towels

1. Can be more expensive

Whilst there are some cheaper variations of Turkish towels this con is definitely true. On average Turkish towels will always be more expensive than regular towels however you do need to consider all the benefits and weigh up what is important to you.

Relating directly to the cost element of this disadvantage consider the durability and longevity of a Turkish towel, you may have to replace a regular towel two or three times in the time you own a Turkish towel.

In my opinion, the additional price is worth it given the benefits I’ve listed above but I also know that purchasing towels for a family really can add up!

2. Fringe is not liked by all

In general Turkish towel design always includes a fringe along the short edges.

turkish towel fringe
Turkish Towels – Fringe

I love this about them and for me, it’s one of the things that makes them a Turkish towel but I do understand that not everyone will be a fan of this design.

This is more about personal taste than a true disadvantage but if you really don’t like the fringe then Turkish towels may not be for you.

3. Not as fluffy as regular towels

It’s true – Turkish towels just aren’t as fluffy or soft as regular luxury towels. This is due to the manufacturing process each towel goes through which produces a tightly woven finish.

If you love to wrap a beautifully soft, fluffy towel around you as you come out of your relaxing bath then you may want to skip these towels however if you like me and the main goal each day is to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible then perhaps fluffiness is not the main priority.

4. You shouldn’t use fabric softener

Related to the softness disadvantage Turkish towels are not as soft as some luxury brands but this is one of the side effects of being so absorbent.

In order to care for your towel properly which includes keeping its absorbent properties intact, it’s not advisable to use fabric softener when laundering your towels.

Don’t get me wrong here, Turkish towels are still soft to the touch, they are just not really soft and of course, fabric softener would also add your favourite fragrance to your towel which you may feel you can’t do without.

If you would like to know more about how to care for Turkish towels then I’d recommend reading my other article “How to Wash Turkish Towels, our complete guide” next.

5. Can shrink slightly after first use

To be honest this is more of a tip than a disadvantage.

It’s quite common that Turkish towels will shrink slightly after their first wash. Now I’m not talking about anything substantial. To be honest, after washing my towels for the first time I couldn’t see the difference but this point is worth noting and is usually pointed out in the product care instructions.

Common FAQs

Are Turkish towels better than cotton?

Turkish towels are much better than cotton. They are much more absorbent, durable and lightweight making them ideal for use at bathtime but most importantly for travelling, outdoor living and during exercise. Turkish towels can also be used as items of clothing such as shawls, wraps and scarfs.

If you’d like to know more I’d encourage you to read my article “Turkish Towels vs Regular Towels, Which is best for you

Are Turkish beach towels worth it?

Turkish beach towels are worth paying that little extra money for as they are incredibly absorbent, they dry very quickly and most importantly sand will not stick to them. In addition to these benefits, Turkish towels are extremely thin making them ideal for packing in a small travel bag.


So there you have it, 5 pros and 5 cons of Turkish towels. I hope this information has helped you to move forward in some way.

I should note that although I only listed 5 advantages there are so many more pros to Turkish towels so if you enjoyed reading this article and would like to know more about the advantages check out my other article – What is so special about Turkish towels?

Are you still unsure about whether to buy Turkish towels or perhaps you’ve already invested in your own?

Please do leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Clare Martin says:

    It certainly was interesting to learn that Turkish bath towels are known to dry extremely fast even though they are quite absorbent as well and take in a lot of water, which makes them ideal for outdoor living, traveling, and exercise. I am opening a hotel business next month in Berkeley, and I was thinking of contacting a wholesaler for towels to put in each room when I learned about Turkish bath towels. I’ll be sure to consider using Turkish bath towels for our hotel rooms once I find a wholesaler who can sell them to me at a reasonable price here in California.

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