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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Organic Soap – Why You Should Switch Today

organic soap

The Benefits of Organic Soap Many individuals and families are concerned about the negative impact that certain soaps and related body wash products can have on overall health and wellbeing, skin health condition along with soap’s impact on the planet’s fragile ecosystems and other environmental elements. Some wonder if the hype regrading organic soap is worth the effort or not.

Increased Use of Antibacterial Soaps & Sanitizers Related to the Environment

As climate control measures continue to be a political and social platform for saving the earth, many families and single individuals have decided to forego using harmful-to-the-environment personal body skincare soaps and other dangerous and/or toxic household cleaning products.

The ongoing pandemic has also prompted many to use stronger and more potent antibacterial soaps, household cleaning supplies and personal body cleansers and other skincare products. Is this really a good idea?

What Dermatologists, Researchers & Other Experts Say About Increased Sanitizer/Strong Soap Use

What do the medical doctors and researchers have to say about the potential harmful impact of these stronger sanitizing and skincare products on humans, animals and other wildlife?

The extended and more frequent use of harsh cleansers in the home and other environments has led to a growing list of potential health and other environmental concerns from top medical doctors and researchers, dermatologists, and environmental protection agencies.

These concerns include:

  • Dangerous toxins may harm the environment and fragile ecosystems
  • Harsh chemicals in cleaning products and soaps may harm plants, animals and other wildlife
  • Runoff waters could poison water supplies nearby
  • Antibiotic soaps may be harmful to health especially to younger and older age groups
  • The use of antibiotic soaps can strip the natural “good” flora always present on skin and other surfaces
  • Increased handwashing with harsh cleansers and soaps increase chances of breaking skin integrity
  • Other harmful bugs and germs may invade after normal germs are killed by sanitizing agents

In addition, antibiotic soaps and hand sanitizers can be especially irritating to those with tender skin or other health condition that increases breathing and skin related problems. Many of these experts recommend switching over to organic soap bars and other natural soaps instead. Most organic soaps contain natural antibiotic busting ingredients that are less irritating to skin, lungs and health in general.

What is Organic Soap?

Natural hand soaps and/or organic ingredient soaps and organic body wash products are carefully created using only approved organic ingredients. Those ingredients are preferably derived from plants and other natural items found in nature. Plus, many organic or natural soaps obtain their ingredients from items that were organically grown or farmed.

Most of these organic soap bars contain vegetable oils and other elements often already used in everyday kitchens for cooking and other reasons. There are many fantastic benefits of using these less irritating soap and body wash products, and those individuals with specific dermatological skin conditions often benefit immensely from switching to these organic brands of personal skincare products.

Why Switch to Organic Soaps?

The 10 benefits of switching to organic soaps

It is easy to experience whether switching to organic soaps would be worth the small bother. Simply try these products out first to see for yourself which products are right for your specific skincare needs. Many manufacturers of organic based skincare products, like soaps and organic body washes, offer potential customers free samples or trial size products at affordable prices.

Some benefits of switching to organic or natural hand soap include:

  1. Better for overall health
  2. Gentle for even sensitive skin types
  3. Usually, animal friendly and cruelty free in manufacturing process
  4. Rich in skin nourishing antioxidants
  5. Come in a wide variety of types, scents and sizes
  6. Most contain glycerin in greater amounts for increased moisturizing and cleansing effects
  7. Contains no harmful toxins or preservatives for less skin irritation
  8. Better for the environment
  9. Contain natural healing properties
  10. Embedded with natural antibacterial properties

1. Organic Soap is Better for Overall Health

Other soap brands often contain harmful additives like dyes, pesticides, dangerous chemicals and other toxins known to cause cancers in some cases. Natural hand soaps do not have any of these unwanted additives, and this is one reason why theses soaps are better for health overall.

2. Gentle for Tender and Sensitive Skin Types

Even the least harmful store-bought soaps may contain skin irritating ingredients that can cause excessive dryness, rashes, itching, acne and other skin related issues. The organic based soaps will not have these problematic ingredients. This is the main reason why dermatologists prefer natural based skincare and beauty products for their patients who have super sensitive skin or other skin conditions.

3. Animal Friendly and Cruelty Free Manufacturing

Look for organic hand soaps that display animal friendly and cruelty free manufacturing processes. Most organic type soaps proudly display their commitment to these important matters.

4. Organic Soap Contains Skin Soothing and Healing Antioxidants

Antioxidants are helpful for the skin’s natural healing rejuvenation processes. These ingredients lock in the moisture so important for delicate skin types, slowing the skin symptoms of aging and keeping every skin type looking its best. Other store-bought soap brands may contain antioxidants, but their manufacturing processes destroy most of the helpful elements.

5. Come in More Varieties and Fragrances

Since organic brands of soaps tend to have smaller manufacturing environments, they can take the time to create a greater variety of soap types and fragrances derived from natural and plant-based essential oils.

6. Contain Greater Amounts of Skin Nourishing Glycerin

Glycerin is a main ingredient in most soap brands, and it is essential for skin moisturizing and gentler cleansing action. The manufacturing steps to make natural soap does not wipe away the bulk of glycerin like the other brands’ manufacturing processes tend to do.

7. Good for Sensitive Skin Due to No Added Preservatives or Harmful Pesticides

Less harmful or unnatural ingredients in organic body wash products or soaps means these soap types are wonderful for those with highly sensitive skin and those with chronic skin related problems like eczema, rosacea or acne.

8. Organic Soap is Eco-Friendly

All soaps must break down to be returned to the environment. Organic soap bars are extra eco-friendly and may help to prevent many environmental problems like when wastewater run-off into nearby water supplies and beneath the ground becomes poisoned with toxins.

9. Has Natural Based Healing Properties

Some of the same ingredients found in organic body washes, soaps and other skincare products are the same ones that spas and wellness centers use for their luxurious skin treatments.

10. Organic Soap Contains Natural Antibacterial Properties

It may not be necessary to use harsh soaps containing skin-drying antibacterial additives for every handwash. Organic brands of soaps use nature-based essential oils that can do the same. These oils include lemongrass, lavender, tea-tree and eucalyptus among others.

3 of the Best Organic Soaps

Below you’ll find our recommendations for best organic soaps out there in the UK.

Mamma TT Organics

Using organic, unrefined & raw cold pressed oils, butters, edible spices, botanicals and pure essential oils Mamma TT Organics make wholesome, delicate and most importantly, effective products.
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Soap Folk

Using traditional, cold processed methods, Soap Folk make soaps that they are happy to use themselves, every day. The Soap Folk team know what goes in them and how they perform over time. They test them on their family and friends. They only make soaps we believe in.
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There are substantial and worthwhile benefits of using gentler and healthier organic soap. This is something that most people can enjoy from very young to more mature ages.

Double-check any skincare product’s ingredient list before purchasing.

Better yet, find an honest and reputable organic soap brand that stands behind their skincare line products for better and healthier skin for the whole family.

I’d love to here from you, have you recently switched to organic soap bars or are you still considering the benefits?

Leave a comment below.

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