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 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

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Is Bamboo Underwear Better than Cotton?

is bamboo underwear better than cotton

Bamboo clothing is making a big impression in the fashion industry right now and rightfully so but is bamboo underwear better than cotton ?

Environmental watch groups are exceptionally concerned about the negative impact that fast fashion is having on the earth and its valuable resources.

Cotton production in Central Asia used for textiles here has drained river source water that feeds the Aral Sea greedily turning this once major water source into barren, dusty and dry beds of desert sand.

There is a recent push for consumers to choose more sustainable clothing materials like bamboo instead of cotton.

It is already being used in many industry types.

Many wonder though if bamboo fabric used in clothing is really worth all of the hype.

Why Bamboo Clothing?

Environmentalists caution that the production of mass produced cotton crops used in the textile industry is causing more harm to the environment by way of the vast water supplies needed to grow cotton plants along with the use of toxic chemicals and dyes in the production process.

These harmful substances are then dumped back into the surrounding water sources poisoning, fish, nearby wildlife and copious amounts of vegetation.

As a result, more consumers are turning to more sustainable fabrics for their clothing such as bamboo.

Bamboo plants do not have to be destroyed to farm a large amount of bamboo fibres used in textile manufacturing.

It also takes far less water to grow bamboo plants making this fabric material incredibly eco-friendly.

Since bamboo material is softer than cotton, absorbs better and has a delightfully silken feel, more consumers are loving bamboo underwear over traditional cotton ones.

So exactly why is bamboo underwear better than cotton?

Advantages of Bamboo Underwear

Some terrific advantage of bamboo underwear includes the lessened environmental impact that producing this natural material causes.

This fabric is soft to feel great against skin, and it is naturally moisture wicking for a more comfortable wearing article of clothing that stays drier and absorbs moisture better than cotton.

Additionally, bamboo material contains natural antibiotic properties making it ideal for underwear.

Consumers love the silky soft texture of this fabric that can be found in a vast number of colours and patterns.

As an added bonus, bamboo fabric tends to stay static-free and doesn’t wrinkle the way that cotton, linen and other materials typically do.

How is Washing Bamboo Underwear Different?

Like any silky undergarment, bamboo underwear is simple to wash after wear.

Most can be machine washed using slightly warm or cool water on a delicate cycle depending on the specific brand.

Most bamboo underwear manufacturers recommend air drying their underwear, but these undies can be thrown into the dryer on a cool/low setting for a few moments if needing to wear in a hurry.

Does Bamboo Underwear Dry Quickly?

Yes, bamboo underwear dries quickly due to its extra-absorbent and natural moisture wicking tendencies.

Hang wet undies to air-dry, or tumble dry on low/cool heat for a few moments.

Bamboo is also one of the best breathable material choices making it a wonderful choice for lingerie and underwear.

Like any absorbent material care, bamboo underwear retains its absorbency better if gentle laundry detergent is used and avoid fabric softeners known to lessen a material’s absorbent factor.

Women’s Bamboo Underwear

There are now countless brands that make women’s bamboo underwear, and consumers will find them in a nice array of gorgeous colours, designs and cuts.

To ensure the most eco-friendly brand, choose organic bamboo sourced undies for less harm to our beautiful planet.

Some top brands in ladies bamboo underwear include:

  • Boody Organic Bamboo
  • Caroloha
  • Yoyi Fashion
  • Wirarpa
  • Warm Sun
  • Wealurre

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Men’s Bamboo Underwear

Men too can benefit greatly by switching to eco-friendly bamboo underwear.

These come in a number of cuts and design styles from briefs to boxers.

Some of the best brands of bamboo underwear for men include:

  • Boody Ecowear
  • David Archy
  • Cariloha

Men will also find many well-known store brands that offer bamboo style underwear is a number of colours and style selections.

Men are more prone to sweat while engaging in physical activities, and bamboo underwear can make a huge comfort difference that will be truly appreciated.

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Kids Bamboo Underwear

  • Kyte Baby
  • Simply Life Boys
  • The Chill – Boys Bamboo Boxers

Where to Buy Bamboo Underwear

Consumers can find comfortable bamboo underwear at major shops and online retailer sites like Amazon, Target and others.

Also, check out the awesome speciality shops that sell sustainable clothing that often includes underwear.


So there we have it, bamboo underwear is in the main better than cotton in many ways so why not give some a try.

Please do drop us a comment below with your experiences of bamboo clothing.

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