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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Is Bamboo Fabric Breathable, will it make you sweat?

is bamboo fabric breathable

I know when I started to look at bamboo clothing as a real alternative to cotton I had three main questions. How well it holds up to laundering, how soft it is and how breathable it is. Actually how breathable the fabric was was of particular interest as I wanted to buy activity clothing for walking and hiking

Bamboo fabric is considered one of the most breathable fabrics on the market today. Used for making activity and sports clothing bamboo fabric will take the heat away from your body helping to keep your body temperature low during various activities and exercises.

Let’s get into this topic in a bit more detail but before we do if you’d like to know more about how to care for bamboo clothing or wonder how soft it is compared to cotton for example then I’d recommend reading the following articles after this.

So the bamboo plant has been used for centuries to make various items including fabric thanks to its versatility and durability.

The manufacture of clothing from this type of fabric has been perfected in recent years, providing some of the highest quality clothing items to consumers.

When we think about whether bamboo fabric is breathable what we are really thinking about is how breathable bamboo clothing is.

Is Bamboo Clothing Breathable?

Bamboo fabric is a very breathable material that has a good deal of stretch to it, especially when compared to something like cotton.

Bamboo can be woven into fabrics that have a very high thread count, which means that the fabric will be on the thinner side.

When the material is thin, it will allow more air to pass through it. Bamboo fabric is often used for clothing that’s worn during the summer months thanks to how breathable and cool it naturally is.

Bamboo is also used for things like linens because it provides a much more breathable option than cotton, linen, flannel or microfiber.

Is Bamboo Underwear Breathable?

Bamboo Underwear is Breathable
Bamboo Underwear is Breathable

You’re probably thinking about bamboo being used for things like shirts, pants and other accessories.

However, bamboo can be used for undergarments as well, thanks to how breathable it is.

There’s nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable underwear especially when exercising or participating in physical activities.

Bamboo underwear (including bras) is usually both thin and airy and they have that stretchy quality that we mentioned earlier.

That means you’ll get a great fit that isn’t too tight or too bulky. Bamboo underwear is great for everyday wear, summertime wear and when you’re working out.

Does Bamboo Clothing Make You Sweat?

does bamboo clothing make you sweat
Does Bamboo Clothing make you Sweat

Bamboo clothing isn’t going to make you sweat as much as other fabrics when you wear it.

The kind of clothing that will usually make you feel very warm and sweaty are those that are very thick, fabric that doesn’t allow air to pass through.

For example, cotton, wool and various knits are much heavier clothing options that work well in the cold months but for the warmer months and times when you are exercising you really need a fabric that’s going to reduce sweating and keep you cool.

If you’re prone to overheating or experiencing hot flashes, bamboo clothing may very well be your key to ultimate comfort. Not only will bamboo prevent you from sweating, but it will also keep you dry due to the amazing wicking properties that draw moisture away from your body.

Is Bamboo Fabric Warm or Cool?

Bamboo fabric feels very cool and light to the touch.

It’s used for clothing for this purpose, but there are also sheets made of bamboo that are extremely popular.

A lot of people feel very warm or overheated when they sleep, regardless of the season.

Bamboo helps you regulate your temperature better and you’ll stay cool all night long.

Bamboo is also naturally resistant to bacteria, so your clothing, sheets and other textiles will stay clean and fresh for longer.

They won’t smell musty or develop any kind of odour which ensures you feel fresher thanks to the cool temperature of bamboo fabric.

Is Bamboo Clothing Warm?

Bamboo helps keep you cool, but it can also be a great option if you’re trying to stay warm.

Just because something is breathable doesn’t mean that it’s going to be cold. In fact, bamboo clothing can keep you warm in the colder months, especially when it’s layered with other clothing.

Some people prefer to dress in layers in case they get warm so a bamboo t-shirt might be a nice base layer which you top with a cardigan sweater that can be taken on and off as needed.

Also, look out for clothing where bamboo has been woven together with other materials, this will increase how warm the item of clothing is.

Is Bamboo More Breathable Than Cotton?

Is Bamboo More Breathable Than Cotton

Bamboo material is naturally more breathable than cotton due to its thread count.

One of the big issues with cotton is that it’s very prone to absorbing sweat and other skin oils which actually clog up the fabric making it much less breathable, especially during activity.

Whilst bamboo clothing has excellent wicking properties the way the fabric is manufactured means that the moisture collected by the fabric does not impede its breathability.


A very sustainable and eco-friendly fabric option, bamboo is very practical and affordable.

Most people find that the investment in bamboo items is very much worth it based on breathability, durability, comfort and appearance.

Plus, reducing your carbon footprint by choosing bamboo textiles is something you should feel good about.

Bamboo requires less water to grow than cotton, it reduces greenhouse gases, and it has natural pest-repellent properties, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or fabric treatments.

If you’ve not done so already – give bamboo clothing a try!

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