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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Discover How to Wash Bamboo Clothing

how to wash bamboo clothes

We’ve learned that bamboo clothing is as stylish as other non-sustainable apparel. This has collections of bamboo fashions soaring across the globe. The first question most buyers of bamboo clothing ask is how do I wash clothes made from bamboo.

The more a wardrobe is filled with eco friendly bamboo products, the more instructions for how to wash this type of clothing becomes important.

Bamboo fabric is created from a very prolific natural resource.

However, guidelines for laundry instructions are similar to the bamboo plant’s environment.

The bamboo manufacturing process relies on separating the woody part of bamboo from bamboo cellulose, a kind of slushy by-product used to create bamboo textiles.

We know bamboo adapts well to various climates and as such is a strong and hardy plant.

The clue to how to launder your bamboo clothing is to read the laundry instructions on the label.

If there are none, you may be surprised to learn that all laundering bamboo clothing requires is the cool to warm setting on your washing machine and the air dry or cool setting on your clothes dryer.

Imagine how much energy it saves not having to rely on hot water or electric or high heat natural gas to dry your bamboo shirts, dresses and sportswear.

how to wash bamboo fabric

Most laundry appliances today accommodate a broad range of temperature settings.

As such, choose the gentle cycle for bamboo fabrics.

You may also want to reduce the volume of water used to wash bamboo clothes since bamboo fabric is water resistant and doesn’t require as much water to launder this type of fabric.

Although bamboo fabric is far more wrinkle resistant than cotton fabric, it can be ironed on a low ironing temperature.

You will also save on the cost of dry cleaning, since your bamboo clothes never need to be dry cleaned.

The hidden environmental contribution you make to reducing the need for dry cleaning is that you help reduce the need for dry cleaning chemicals harmful to the environment.

Some Disadvantages of Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is not paper.

Often, buyers of eco friendly clothing think of bamboo fabric as having the fragility of paper.

In reality, bamboo is far stronger than cotton fabric.

There are few disadvantages of bamboo fabric used for clothing.

Bamboo tends to be more absorbent due to its wicking properties.

Some find it holds more moisture than cotton or other fabrics.

It is also naturally anti-bacterial which means bamboo may absorb perspiration and could cause bacterial growth.

The Best Way to Wash Bamboo Clothing

To clearly reiterate the best way to wash bamboo clothing, place your bamboo clothes in your washer.

Use a gentle detergent such as the kind you use for wool or delicate fabrics.

Set your water temperature to cold or warm and allow the washer to complete the full wash cycle.

Remove bamboo clothing from the washer and place in your clothes dryer.

Turn the drying temperature to air dry or warm and allow the dryer to fluff clothes dry.

Because of its water resistance, you may find it takes less time to dry these clothes.

Removing Stains from Bamboo Fabrics

Like most stains, stains on bamboo clothing should be removed as soon as possible to avoid stains setting into the fabric.

However should stains occur on bamboo fabric, remove it with water if it is not set into the fabric.

For stubborn stains, a solution of baking soda and white vinegar will rid the clothing of these difficult stains.

Both baking soda and vinegar are environmentally safe for use as a stain remover.

Hand Washing Bamboo Clothes

Washing bamboo clothes can be done in a tub, sink or small basin, depending on the size of the apparel.

Use only cold water to fill the tub, sink or basin. Add in mild detergent and stir water and detergent until detergent forms suds.

Next, add the bamboo yarn to the tub, sink or basin and gently swish it until the piece is wholly absorbed.

Remove sudsy water and the piece and add clear, clean, cold water to rinse.

Swish the piece around again and gently wring it dry and allow to air dry on a terry towel.


It is satisfying to know bamboo clothing requires minimal amount of care.

Once you know how to care for bamboo clothing, you realise the eco friendly and sustainable benefits of creating your very own bamboo wardrobe.

Other than energy saving when washing bamboo clothing and savings on dry cleaning, very little extra care is needed.

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