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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

How Long Does Bamboo Clothing Last? Caring is important

how long does bamboo clothing last

Bamboo has become a very popular fabric option thanks to how sustainable and eco-friendly it is. It has a very soft and luxurious feel, and it is quite durable but does it last? That’s a question I wanted to answer before I invested so I did some research to make sure I wasn’t wasting my money.

On average bamboo clothing lasts between 3 and 5 years. The actual length of time your item will last will vary due to many factors such as how often you wear it, how often you wash the item but also the quality of the product itself.

People are focused more than ever on investing in high-quality items that don’t need to be replaced in a short amount of time so let’s get into the detail.

But before we do here are a couple of other articles that will help with your own research to read next.

Is Bamboo Clothing Long Lasting?

The amount of time that your bamboo clothing will last will ultimately be determined by how frequently you’re wearing something.

For an article of clothing that is in your weekly rotation of laundry, you can expect to get about three to five years out of something made from bamboo.

That’s much more impressive than other cotton or polyester-based clothing items that barely make it through one season.

While bamboo is a comfortable and eco-friendly material, there are a number of benefits that it provides which makes it so durable.

As long as you’re hanging your bamboo clothing to dry or you’re drying it on low heat, you don’t have to worry about it shrinking.

A lot of people end up getting rid of clothing before it has fully run its course because it ends up not fitting properly.

Bamboo clothing is also very resistant to pilling and unravelling. A new piece of bamboo clothing will look nice the entire time that you own it as long as you’re washing it regularly and taking care not to stain it.

How to Choose Long Lasting Bamboo Clothing

If you’re interested in purchasing long lasting bamboo clothing in the form of shirts, pants, undergarments or dresses, there are some key things to look for when you’re shopping.

Think Thread Count

You’ve probably heard of thread count when shopping for bedding, but thread count can also be important for clothing as well.

As a rule of thumb, a lower thread count means that the fabric is going to feel smoother and softer.

If you’re looking for something that feels thick, choose a higher thread count.

Bamboo fabric usually comes with a thread count of something between 200 and 1,000.

Consider A Blend of Multiple Fabrics

A lot of clothing designers will manufacture bamboo fabric that is a combination of polyester, cotton, spandex and other materials.

This makes the fabric more affordable but can also add to its functionality.

You can often make a fabric that has a little bit of stretch to it, is more durable or is very soft when you blend bamboo with something else.

Double Down on Stitching

Check the Stitching on Bamboo Clothing
Check the Stitching on Bamboo Clothing

If you’re concerned with the longevity of bamboo fabric, stitching is something that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Make sure something looks very professional and free from snags or broken seams.

A manufacturer that double-stitches their clothing is ideal if you want to avoid things like your clothing fraying.

Look for Authenticity

There are plenty of non-reputable clothing manufacturers out there that claim they use bamboo for their clothing, but they actually don’t.

They’ll use something synthetic that gives the impression that the softness comes from bamboo, but you’re not getting the real thing.

Always purchase from quality brands that people know and love.

How to Care for Your Bamboo Clothing to Increase Its Durability

The way that you care for your clothing will largely determine how long it lasts. Bamboo clothing requires a bit different care than you would experience with something like cotton or rayon. Here are some important factors to consider:

Check the Label

Always Check the Care Label

Always check the label of your clothing to see what a manufacturer recommends.

The washing instructions usually tell you what temperature of water to use, what kind of detergent and the method of drying that will keep your clothing in good quality, prevent shrinking, etc.

You may want to consider washing this clothing separately to prevent premature wear and tear caused by other fabrics.

Use Cold Water

Bamboo clothing should always be washed in cold water.

This prevents shrinkage as well as protects the quality of the colour.

It also keeps bamboo from stretching out or becoming rough, without the use of fabric softeners or other products.

Air Dry Your Bamboo Clothing

Whenever it’s possible, hang your bamboo clothing to dry instead of running it through the dryer.

Any time that you use a machine dryer, this puts your bamboo clothing at risk of shrinking or becoming damaged.

The Eco-Friendly Aspect of Bamboo Clothing

When your bamboo clothing has become worn out and can no longer be passed on to someone else that can use it, you may be wondering if bamboo is biodegradable.

Indeed, bamboo fibres will break down over time. Its decomposition rate will depend on the type of bamboo used, how the product was manufactured, the use of any chemicals that were added to the material and how it was taken care of.

In an ideal state of conditions, bamboo fabric will break down pretty quickly over the course of about four to six months.

If you’re looking to make sustainable, eco-friendly clothing choices that are designed to last, bamboo is an excellent material option.

It has a low environmental impact, it’s soft, luxurious and will last a long time if you take good care of it.

You can find a lot of clothing companies online that manufacture items using bamboo, but you will also be surprised how many in-store brands are using this material as well which is great to see.

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