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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Himalayan Salt Soap is the Best Thing You Never Knew You Needed

himalayan salt soap

What is Himalayan Salt Soap?

Himalayan salt soap is a type of soap that is made of 100% pure Himalayan salt which is a mineral-rich, pinkish-white salt that has been used for centuries by people in the Himalayas and India.

The salt which has been mined from the foothills of the Himalayas is believed to be beneficial for the skin and can help in relieving symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin conditions.

These types of soap are natural and eco-friendly product has a number of benefits that make it a popular choice among people.

What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is a natural, mineral rich salt that is mined from the foothills of the Himalayas.

It’s been used for centuries in cooking and as a natural remedy for common ailments.

Himalayan salt is an unrefined and pure form of salt that has not been processed or refined in any way.

Unlike other salts, it contains 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential to human health.

The most notable mineral found in Himalayan salt is magnesium which helps regulate sleep patterns, blood sugar levels and more.

The History of Himalayan Salt Soap

The history of Himalayan salt soap dates back to ancient times, when people discovered that bathing with this type of salt helps relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain.

This discovery was made by accident when an Indian hermit noticed his aches and pains were gone after he washed himself in a nearby Himalayan pool.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Soap

The benefits of Himalayan salt soap are many and varied.

The most important benefit of this product is the lack of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin.

Himalayan salt soap bars are made from pure ingredients such as water, coconut oil and Himalayan rock salt.

There are no fragrances or other additives in this bar of soap which means you will get a more pure cleanse with less irritation for your skin.

Another benefit of using these soap bars is the natural exfoliation that comes from the salts in the bar itself. This means that you get a richer, smoother feeling when you use the soap than with other soap products.

  • Gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin
  • Natural exfoliator
  • Soothes and makes your skin super soft
  • Rejuvenates, strengthens, and protects skin tissues due to the high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are vital for maintaining healthy skin cells
  • Help with various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Can help to reduce pain associated with arthritis and relax tired muscles
  • Due to it’s natural ingredients it is suitable for people with any skin type
  • Improves the mineral status of the body.
  • Stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and balances systemic pH. Great for people with any skin type
  • Holds antimicrobial properties which means that it can help in killing bacteria on the skin and preventing infection
  • Biodegradable due to the natural ingredients used to create the product

The Disadvantages of Himalayan Salt Soap

Due to its natural ingredients there are not many disadvantages of this kind of soap

That said this kind of soap can be considered as a luxury item and as such it can be expensive.

Best Himalayan Salt Soaps

Falls River Soap Company

With natural exfoliators as Rose Clay and Himalyan Pink salt. Will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin by drawing out toxins and impurities from the skin. Handmade with fresh All-natural ingredients. NO harmful chemicals or preservatives. Artisanal Soap Crafted the Old Fashioned Way using Cold Process Soapmaking
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Magic Salt Store

These soap bars are infused with pink Himalayan salt. One of the purest salts on the earth and rich in minerals from the Himalayan foothills. Each salt bar cleanses and detoxifies leaving skin smooth, soft, and re-mineralized. This bar is ideal for all skin types.
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Himalayan Salt Store

These stones have many great uses, they can be used for Himalayan Stone Hot Massage or they can be used as a natural Deodorant/Soap. Heat is a great way to ease muscle pain while increasing blood flow. This brings more nutrients and oxygenates areas of tension to reduce muscle spasms and induce relief. Massage and the soothing application of heat used in Himalayan Salt Stone massage can reduce the mind and body’s sense of stress and anxiety by encouraging feel good hormones, and reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.
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Common FAQs

What does Himalayan salt do for your skin?

Himalayan salt is a natural, pure and unrefined type of salt. It has been used for centuries to promote healthy skin. Himalayan salt balances your body’s pH levels and strengthens your immune system. It can also ease the irritation from skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne & more.

How do you use Himalayan pink salt soap?

Himalayan pink salt soap is used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a facial scrub or body wash, or in the bath. It can also be used as an exfoliant and cleanser.

The benefits of using Himalayan pink salt soap are numerous. It is great for removing impurities from the skin, and it is good for people who have sensitive skin because it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. Himalayan pink salt soap also has antibacterial properties and helps to regulate the pH balance of your skin.

Can I use Himalayan salt on my face?

Himalayan salt has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures for its healing properties. It has been found to have many health benefits including reducing inflammation, relieving muscle pain and improving circulation. So when it comes to the question of whether or not you can use Himalayan salt on your face – the answer is yes!

Can Himalayan Salt Soap Help with Acne?

Himalayan salt soap is a natural and chemical-free way to treat acne. It uses the properties of salt to help heal your skin and reduce inflammation.

The salt in the soap is rich in minerals, which are important for keeping your skin healthy. The minerals also help with reducing inflammation and redness, which can be caused by acne.

These soaps are also all-natural, so they do not contain any chemicals that might irritate your skin or make your acne worse.

Is Himalayan Salt Soap a Popular Choice for Mothers?

Reasons will vary depending on the individual mum and her needs however one of the most popular reasons why mums love this kind of soap is that it can be used on babies as well as adults with sensitive skin types.

What Other Skincare Products are Made from Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is used in various skincare products other than soap such as bath salts, facewash, body wash, natural scrubs.


Himalayan salt soap is packed full of natural ingredients making it one of the best soaps to use for people with sensitive skin.

It may be a little more expensive than regular soap but the benefits are clear.

Love to hear what you think, have you used soap or any skincare products made from Himalayan salt ?

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