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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Eco Friendly Lunch Box – Guide to the Best with Reviews

eco friendly lunch box

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the eco friendly lunch box. Packed full with facts and figures explaining the pros and cons of each type of lunch box and also a review of the top brands !

5 star review
Take me straight to the reviews !

Should I Buy an Eco Friendly Lunch Box?

The lunch box is a basic staple for those who prefer to take their lunch with them to school, work, the park or the beach.

The days of using plastic bags to tote lunches are no longer necessary.

Especially, now that the advent of a more serious effort to move to eco-friendly products is within reach.

There’s no better time to move to a more sustainable lunch box.

Sustainable Lunch Boxes – Read the Labels

If you shop offline for these eco-friendly products, make sure you read all product labels carefully to ensure materials of manufacture are absolutely environmentally safe.

This information should be available online as well – if in doubt keep browsing.

The most popular natural materials for eco friendly products are bamboo, silicone, fabric, glass and stainless steel.

These are reusable materials and offer the greatest environmental sustainability.

Why Not Use Recyclable Paper Bags?

It’s a great question….

Eco Friendly Paper Lunch Bags

Even though most of today’s paper lunch bags are made from recycled paper, there is still the originating need for trees to supply the pulp.

The tree pulp passes through a paper making machine and the end results are sheets of paper that are rolled and cut to produce bags for various uses.

If you do choose to use paper bags for lunches, be sure they are recyclable to reduce the need for tree pulp.

How are Reusable Lunch Boxes Better for the Environment

A reusable lunch box in any form is much better than the single use plastic alternatives.

Switching to non plastic lunch containers clearly avoids adding to the millions of tons of hazardous plastic waste in our landfills and oceans.

If you make the switch to eco friendly lunch boxes, you reduce the staggering amount of plastic while you promote environmental sustainability.

Types of Environmentally Friendly Lunch Boxes

When you plan to reduce your use of plastic, there are several types of eco friendly lunch boxes to consider.

Choose the type that best suits your lunch box needs.

If your typical lunches are sandwiches, your needs will be different than if you prefer salad or other fluid lunches where you might be concerned about spillage.

Check each type of sustainable lunch box to know which is best for you.

Eco friendly lunch boxes include:

  • Bamboo
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fabric
  • Silicone
  • Glass

Bamboo Lunch Boxes

bamboo lunch box

Bamboo is one of the most popular sustainability trends which has many uses.

If you’re set on getting a Bamboo Lunch Box read our article dedicated to Bamboo Lunch Boxes including reviews.

Of course bamboo is a natural fibre that is therefore reusable.

The eco friendly bamboo lunch box is consider very chic these days.

They are very attractive and are available in several sizes and shapes.

A bamboo lunch box is great for times when your lunch is a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

Pros of Bamboo Lunch Boxes:

  • Secure closure
  • Bamboo lunch bags fold up neatly
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • Stain resistant

Cons of Bamboo Lunch Boxes:

  • Some are not leak proof
  • Limited temperature range of two hours
  • Can change color when wet

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

leak proof stainless steel lunch box olive with food

For those who prefer the sturdy feel of a stainless steel lunch box, this is a fantastic choice.

It holds solids and fluids.

As environmentally friendly lunch box ideas, they are also reusable to store foods or lunch leftovers in the refrigerator.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are great when you want to pack salads, pasta or a container of homemade soup.

Metal lunch boxes can accommodate most types of lunch menu but remember not to heat in the microwave !

On the topic of hot food in a lunch box if you are considering buying a stainless steel lunch box you might like to read a recent article I wrote next “Can You Put Hot Food in a Stainless Steel Lunch Box?

Pros of Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes:

  • Very light weight
  • Leak proof
  • Durable

Cons of Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes:

  • Not microwaveable

Fabric Lunch Boxes

Fabric is also a natural material, eco-friendly and is widely used for environmentally friendly lunch boxes.

Insulated fabric bags keep food hot or cold and are PBA/PVC free.

Non-insulated bags are convenient for sandwich lunches.

Pros of Fabric Lunch Boxes

  • Insulated to retain heat and cold foods
  • Collapsible and fold neatly
  • Roomy for sandwiches and sealed bottled drinks

Silicone Lunch Boxes

Silicone lunch boxes are convenient, available in several styles and BPA and BPS free.

They are as colourful as they are attractively designed.

Note that some silicone lunch boxes are square or rectangular and several types have three or more recessed compartments to store several types of lunch foods.

This is a sustainable lunch box for hot and cold foods as well as sandwiches.

It is a non-plastic type of eco friendly lunch box.

With  multiple compartments the silicone lunch box is so handy when you want a meal of raw veggies, a bit of veggie dip and slices of your favourite cheese.

Pros of Silicone Lunch Boxes

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean manually
  • Large capacity
  • Microwaveable
  • Light weight

Cons of Silicone Lunch Boxes

  • Recessed compartments are not spill proof
  • Large size silicone lunch boxes can be bulky
  • No insulation for hot and cold lunches

Glass Lunch Boxes

glass lunch bowl slate work

While the word glass in context with use as a lunch box may sound ominous, it is important to remember that the “glass” in an environmentally friendly lunch box is made of the same type of borosilicate glass you find in bake ware such as Pyrex.

Glass lunch boxes are used as you would most any type of heavy duty glass container.

The glass is tempered and break-resistant and keep lunches hot and cold.

When the weather is cold, there is nothing like a glass lunch box that can go from home to the office microwave for hot soup, chilli or curry.

This is also a great way to take along dinner leftovers that can be reheated for the next day’s lunch.

Pros of Glass Lunch Boxes

  • Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Attractive modular designs
  • Microwaveable

Cons of Glass Lunch Boxes

  • Bulky
  • Heavier weight than other types of reusable lunch boxes
  • May break if dropped on a hard surface
  • Should not be used for children under the age of ten years old or those with dexterity problems

Which is the Best Eco Friendly Lunch Box?

These days the greatest range of sustainable lunch boxes you can purchase are more frequently found online.

Some of the popular brands include:

Black+Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This 100% leak proof stainless steel lunch box was the first of its kind with its innovative secure vacuum-sealed closure. 600ml / 20 fl oz in size with a removable divider it’s the perfect lunchtime companion.

Why is it amazing ?

  • Plastic free
  • 100% leakproof
  • Fully recyclable at the end of a very long life
  • 1 year warranty
  • Modern look and feel
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe (except lid and strap)
  • Oven safe (except lid and strap)

We’re delighted to be able to offer this wonderful metal lunch box in our shop.

You can get more information by clicking the button below.

review on greenerlyfe

Bambox Bamboo Lunch Box

Bambox Lunch Box

Made from natural bamboo and wholly biodegradable.

The lid of the lunch box is an eye catching solid bamboo and has a fabric strap.

It is available in various colours and offers a roomy 1100ML capacity for sandwiches, snacks, salads, grains, pasta, vegan lunches and more.

Hand washing is recommended so avoid the dishwasher.

It is not leak proof and also not microwaveable.

69 percent of customers rated this 4.5 out of five stars.

Sixteen customer reviews recommended this lunch box for its solid, heavy construction and one reviewer stated this model was “well made.”

Other reviewer comments included the roomy size and that it was not prone to leaks.

Review on Amazon

Black+Blum Glass Lunch Bowl

Lightweight by design, this 750ml / 25 fl oz glass lunch bowl in Slate is the perfect stylish lunchtime companion. It’s 100% leakproof. and comes with a one year warranty.

Why is it amazing ?

  • BPA and BPS free
  • 100% leakproof
  • Fully recyclable at the end of a very long life
  • 1 year warranty
  • Modern look and feel
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Microwave safe (*not Stainless steel lid)
  • Oven safe glass and silicone lid (*not wood fibre base)

We’re delighted to be able to offer this wonderful glass lunch bowl in our shop.

You can get more information by clicking the button below.

review on greenerlyfe

HOMESPON Fabric Lunch Boxes

Homspon Fabric Lunch Bag

HOMESPON have created a wide range of fabric lunch boxes to choose from.

The lunch bags come in various colours and contemporary designs

You could even mistake this product for a handbag !

Dimension of the bag are 10.6 x 6.3 x 7.1 inch (LxWxH)

Whether folded or unfolded it’s both portable and ideal for travel, picnic, school or office

112 customers who reviewed the HOMESPON Lunch Bag rated it four and a half stars.

Clearly, this product has received overwhelming customer recommendations.

Review on Amazon

Black+Blum BPA Free Lunch Box

This stylish BPA free lunch box in ocean is the perfect lunchtime companion. The 1 L / 34 fl oz box makes it super simple organise your lunch with its various compartments.

Why is it amazing ?

  • BPA Free
  • 100% leakproof
  • Fully recyclable at the end of a very long life
  • 1 year warranty
  • Modern look and feel
  • Inner compartment and leak-proof sauce pot
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Microwave safe (except for the lid)

We’re delighted to be able to offer this wonderful BPA free lunch box in our shop.

You can get more information by clicking the button below.

review on greenerlyfe

Kurtzy Silicone Lunch Boxes

Kurtzy Silicone Lunch Box

One popular silicone lunch box in the UK is the Kurtzy Silicone Lunch Box.

It’s collapsible and foldable.

With a size of measures 24 cm by 17.5 cm (9.5 inches by 6.75 inches,) three separate compartments (one large and two smaller ones), it is easy to see why adults and children favour this product.

It is made from flexible BPA-free silicone, an eco friendly material, that offers a clever, space saver design.

It is available in the popular “bento” style in single portion serving for home packed lunches.

It is dishwasher safe, microwaveable and refrigerator to freezer safe.

There is no harmful PVC, vinyl, Phthalates, BPA or lead to worry about.

It is easy to clean and with three compartments, it is easy to proportion foods for adult dieters and those with special dietary needs.

It was rated 4.4 out of five stars and 49 percent of customers rated it five stars.

Eighteen customers reviewed the Kurtzy Silicone Lunch Box and comments included that they would recommend it highly for its stylish design and that it was useful “for picnics” as well as to store lunches.

Review on Amazon


Exposing oneself to the world of environmental sustainability is the best way to a diligent, proactive lifestyle.

The more individuals learn about the wealth of eco-friendly products, the more readily they can adapt their usual daily living to a healthier world.

In this case the only difficulty in choosing an eco friendly lunch box might be narrowing the choice to the type most suitable.

There is an answer for that dilemma.

Choose several types so there is ample convenience, not to mention attractive variety to enjoy a healthier lunch every day.

No matter which eco friendly lunch boxes you choose, you’ll have a variety of colours to choose from like shiny stainless steel, rustic bamboo in black or white, colourful silicone or transparent glass.

These lunches boxes make excellent gifts for birthday, anniversaries and holidays.

It’s a nice way to send the message to friends and loved ones that you care about their future and their health.

When you choose eco friendly lunch boxes you add one more milestone to your environmental program.

It is sure to be noticed by children who will follow your fine ecologically responsible example.

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