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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Does Bamboo Clothing Feel Like Cotton?

does bamboo clothing feel like cotton

Many clothing manufacturers today are offering some enticing clothing options made from bamboo fibres rather than traditional cotton. This trend is currently taking over top clothing industry players putting pressure on consumers to follow their lead but does bamboo clothing really feel as good as cotton?

As a general rule, most people who buy bamboo clothing agree that it feels just like cotton stating that clothing made from bamboo is just as soft and lightweight as its cotton equivalent however it should be noted that choosing garments of equal cost is important when making comparisons.

Read on to discover some advantages and disadvantages of the bamboo clothing styles flooding the marketplace these days over the longstanding and popular cotton garments many consumers have loved for years.

An Overview of Bamboo Fibre – The New Kid on the Fashion Scene

Bamboo has recently been touted as an eco-friendlier material fibre option than cotton which has gotten a bad rap of late due to cotton’s soil-eroding crop growing cycle requiring massive water usage and subsequent harmful manufacturing processes.

Many environmentalists and scientists today now consider cotton farming and manufacturing to be super destructive to the environment from start to finish.

Can Bamboo Fibre Reverse Fashion’s Notorious Harm to Planet Earth?

Back in 2014, a popular UK news website published an article linking the fashion industry to horrible environmental devastation that literally dried up a major water source in inland Central Asia known as the Aral Sea.

Nasa revealed satellite images as proof of the destruction.

It was said that cotton production was to blame.

What is even more shocking is that in 2022, it appears that the fashion industry, despite its major shift to recycling fashion materials, is still in the news for its staggering slower pace of those recycled materials compared to other industries often considered the main negative sources of the world’s ongoing environmental crisis.

slower pace of recycling materials
Slower Pace of Recycling Materials

On a brighter note, many consumers are interested in doing their part in decreasing harm to our beautiful planet by making better product choices that are compatible with leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

This selection process often comes down to what type of material they prefer, first seen in bedding choices and now in their desired clothing pieces, bamboo is fast becoming the fabric of choice for modern families wanting to make a difference.

It May All Come Down to One Question – What Does Bamboo Clothing Feel Like?

Initially most people have a hard time envisioning how clothing made from bamboo fibre could ever feel soft and cosy. After all, the thick and woody bamboo plant is more often linked with panda bears.

However, most people describe the feel of bamboo material as exceptionally soft, a bit luxurious and much like the feel of the silky-soft fibres found in expensive chenille sweaters, winter scarves or cuddly blanket throws.

Why Is Bamboo Clothing So Soft?

It is important to note that, like cotton, bamboo material comes in several varieties.

The thread count, weave pattern, texture, thickness of fibres and the type of processing used to transform natural bamboo fibres into their textile form all play a role in how soft bamboo clothing will ultimately feel when touched or worn against the skin.

Most bamboo fabrics used in clothing garments today use a percale, a sateen or a twill weave.

The bamboo may also be mixed with other fibres like bamboo linen, lyocell, modal, rayon, or bamboo and cotton blends.

Many firmly believe that bamboo fabric tends to get even softer over time.

If you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, bamboo clothing lasts and usually feels softer through use and time much like your favourite pair of denims or the soft, broken-in feel of a beloved flannel shirt.

Quick note: If you are concerned about caring for bamboo clothing, don’t be – check out my other article “Discover How to Wash Bamboo Clothing” next.

Is Bamboo Material Stretchy, Why Are Bamboo Clothes Softer and More Comfortable to Wear?

Bamboo fibres naturally have more stretch.

This can feel wonderful against the tender skin of babies, those with sensitive or problematic skin types and others who prefer non-constricting clothing.

Bamboo athletic-style clothing is often more forgiving and can feel supple and free for those with curvier figures and pregnant women while often accommodating a wider size range.

Mens Bamboo Boxers

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Added Comfort Advantages of Bamboo Clothing

There are lots of advantages of bamboo clothing especially when it comes to comfort, here are just a few.

Bamboo can equal or exceed the moisture-wicking capability of cotton counterparts increasing overall softness and comfort perception.

Menopausal women, those with thyroid or certain autoimmune disorders and others who tend to experience more body temperature extremes, flushing, chills and/or increased perspiration during exercise or while asleep often benefit greatly from bamboo attire.

Some clothing manufacturers claim that bamboo has the ability to repel microbes potentially keeping us healthier.

The material is stretchy, therefore, bamboo can feel less confining than cotton, but be aware that fabric forgiveness often does not give enough support or control for certain articles of clothing like bras, other supportive undergarments or certain styles of jeans.

As a side note if you are interested in underwear specifically I wrote an article about “Is Bamboo Underwear Better than Cotton?” which I’d encourage you to read next.

Bamboo pyjamas are excellent for individuals that need a hypoallergic material and one that offers better body temperature control during the night – personally bamboo pyjamas are my favourite!

Bamboo material is excellent for a first base layer like leggings or tank tops.

Some of the bamboo cotton blends are also good choices that can give consumers the best of each fibre in the level of softness and breathability while often boasting longer durability of the fabric.


My advice is to give it a go and try bamboo clothing.

I bought a lovely set of bamboo pyjamas and to be honest, I wouldn’t go back now. They are super soft and cosy, just what you need for a cold winter’s night.

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