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000's of Quality Products

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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Best Material for Unpaper Towels

best material for unpaper towels

Before we dig into the topic of what is the best material for unpaper towels let’s take a look at the issue of paper waste.

Environmental experts say about 26% of landfill waste is paper. This paper waste is expected to continue to grow higher every week.

Paper production destroys much of the world’s forest trees, and paper production accounts for high amounts of pollution that includes contamination of the air, water supplies and the nearby environment where the paper factories are located.

The UK government agencies responsible for monitoring waste and landfill statistics have been collecting data regarding UK paper waste for several years.

The good news is that more people in the UK and around the globe are concerned about the waste that humans leave behind.

Many are committed to reducing their carbon imprint. An easy way to start is to make the switch from using disposable paper towels to using unpaper towels that can be reused, washed and recycled down-the-road.

What Are Unpaper Towels

So, what are unpaper towels then anyway?

Some are calling these towels zero waste unpaper towels.

Just like their name, these towels are cut from organic cotton, bamboo or other environmentally friendly material.

These items can be purchased ready to use from some companies that have online stores to make ordering easy and convenient.

These eco-friendly unpaper towels can also be made by following some simple and easy-to-follow tutorials also found online.

Why Switch to these Eco Friendly Towels

Many consumers wonder if it really is important to switch to using unpaper towels.

Families who switch to organic unpaper towels not only help to reduce their overall human carbon footprint there is the added benefit of having a soft and still absorbent towel that is gentle on baby or sensitive skin.

These towels are terrific for use with babies and small children.

Best of all, this teaches young kids and teens to be more responsible about what products they use and how important using sustainable options are in everyday life.

What Is the Best Fabric for Making Unpaper Towels

Some swear the 100% organic cotton is the best material for unpaper towels, and other consumers prefer using natural bamboo fiber or a mixture of the organic cotton and the bamboo material.

These materials can be found in stores where sewing supplies and crafts are sold or online at various sewing and craft related retailers.

There are several soft cloths available that include flannel, micro terry cloth, organic cotton, Birdseye fabric, bamboo and more.

Consumers can also make good use of old clothing, blankets and towels by transforming them into unpaper towels.

How to Make Your Own Zero Waste Towels

Many individuals like to make their own eco-friendly unpaper towels.

These can be made from cotton, flannel, bamboo, terry cloth and other materials even flour bags.

There are some fantastic unpaper towels tutorials found on the Internet.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Gather your fabric
  • Measure & cut material into squares or rectangles
  • Cut out 1 piece of flannel and 1 piece of terry cloth or cotton
  • Pair up these 2 fabric squares with right sides together
  • Stitch around the square, or rectangle, leaving 1/2 inch for seam & leave small opening for turning
  • Trim seam and cut a diagonal cut on corners
  • Turn sewed squares right side out using a slim pencil or seam ripper to coax seam out and pin
  • Sew a zigzag or other stich pattern around the edges as a topstitch
  • Baste opening together & enjoy your new eco-friendly towels

How to Wash Unpaper Towels

These easy-to-use organic unpaper towels are simple to wash.

Just throw them into your kitchen towel load.

Towels used for dirty jobs or for cleaning up after prepping raw chicken or other food item that could contain harmful salmonella germs should be prewashed then washed in hot sudsy water and dried.

You might want to add a natural antibiotic cleanser to help sanitize the cloths.

Summary and Conclusion

There is not just one best material for unpaper towels. Choose your favourite fabric and make your own.

Of course if you’re stretched for time we have some high quality unpaper towels for sale in our shop.

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