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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Bamboo Straws – Our Review of the Top 5 Brands in 2019

bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are becoming very popular, mainly because of their sustainability and the fact that they are completely biodegradable..

Straws made from bamboo are an obvious choice for those people that want to move away from plastic straws.

In this article you’ll discover both the benefits as well as a couple of downsides.

You’ll also learn how bamboo straws are made, what’s involved in cleaning them as well as the top 5 brand reviews.

If you’re thinking of comparing bamboo straws with those made from glass, steel or silicone we have a full review on all the different types of reusable straws here.

Us, Reusable Straws and the Environment

The cost of ignoring the environment has gone viral with daily announcements of climate changes impacting the entire planet.

There is not a moment when most of us do not worry there isn’t sufficient time to save the environment.

Take heart.

There is a very simple way we can all contribute to the cause.

It is as simple as turning to reusable items and reducing our reliance on plastics.

Let’s begin with straws.

Replacing plastic straws with reusable straws of bamboo can be your very first step or part of a major shift in the way you consume everyday products.

How are Bamboo Straws Made?

It is important to remember that bamboo is like any natural wood.

When used for straws, it is quite normal for bamboo to show signs of wear from prolonged exposure to liquids.

In order for consumers to feel confident about bamboo straws, it is important to know how they are made.

Today’s top exporter of bamboo is Vietnam. Bamboo is grown, dried and cut without chemicals or pesticides.

It is dried naturally in the sun.

Next, teams of workers cut sun-dried bamboo to lengths required for several sizes of straws and shipped for export.

Bamboo doesn’t transfer heat as metallic and glass straws.

Thus, they are ideal for hot or cold beverages.

This makes them safer for children’s use.

The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Straws

Bamboo is a natural wood that grows in abundance in most any temperate climate.

Today, there is a resurgence of interest in bamboo for reusable products.

Perhaps, the ancient Oriental wisdom of the many possible uses of bamboo is finally being recognised and utilised.

Bamboo may be one of the major ways to protect the environment.

There are many pros to replacing single-use plastic straws with straws of bamboo.


  1. Straws of bamboo are 100 percent natural wood
  2. It is wholly organic
  3. They are non-toxic to humans and the environment
  4. They are bio-degradable
  5. They are compostable
  6. They are aesthetically pleasing


  1. Limited life span
  2. Straw diametric openings are irregular

Brand Reviews

Jungle Straws

No. 1 on our list of great bamboo straw brands is the mighty Jungle Straws by Jungle Culture.

Jungle Straws Bamboo Drinking Straws

Add a touch of tropical fun to your fresh drinks. Being sustainable and zero waste these reusable bamboo drinking straws are a real alternative to plastic straws.

Working with small farms workshops and ethical factories Jungle Culture have managed to create an ethical supply chain which was not easy to accomplish.

“These straws are amazing quality, they come in a range of sizes from thin to a nice thick one that’s perfect for smoothies!!”

These 6 pack of straws are great value at £5.99 and are our choice when it comes to bamboo straws.

Additional Brands of Bamboo Straws

Buluh Brand organic straws of bamboo are a top rated brand on Amazon.

They are free of PBA chemicals and are biodegradable.

They are sold in sets of eight with an accompanying eco-friendly, custom cotton bag and cleaning brush.

Each straw is 8 inches in length.

Given the natural properties of bamboo, there is slight variance in thickness, diameter, colour and texture in each straw.

Buluh organic bamboo drinking straws are ideal for juice drinks or smoothies as well as cocktails and coffee. 88 percent of 43 customers who purchased and used these straws gave them a 5-star rating.

One customer who reviewed it and used it recommended them for iced drinks.

Others who reviewed it stated their children loved them.

Another customer was delighted with the packaging and quick delivery time of the order.

Natural Neo Brand offers organic straws of bamboo that includes a coconut fiber brush.

Each straw is 20 centimetres and 8 inches in size and sold in sets of 10. 185

Customers rated it four and a half stars.

BIKO Bamboo Brand offers reusable straws of bamboo in sets of 12 in eco-friendly packaging and includes a cleaning brush.

69 percent of 49 customers rated these straws 4.4 out of 5 stars. According to customer reviews, they make ideal gifts for the family, help protect the environment and one customer liked the idea that proceeds of sales of these straws goes toward saving pandas.

Bambaw Brand offers bamboo straws sold in quantities of 12.

These are imported from Bali and are 100 percent organic.

They do not absorb the flavor of beverages served in them and are dishwasher safe.

72 customers who purchased and used them gave these straws a 5-star rating.

To quote one customer reviewer,

“I can’t stop using them!”

Another reviewer who previously used stainless steel straws stated she used them for over a year and prefers the reusable straws of bamboo to stainless steel.

How Do I Clean Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws?

Whether you choose to use the brush that is included with your drinking straws or you prefer to place them in your normal dishwasher load is a matter of personal preference.

Any Additional Suggestions I Should Know About Cleaning?

There are a few suggestions on how to clean reusable bamboo straws.

First, check the brand’s cleaning instructions and follow the directions.

If you choose to clean with your dishwasher, turn off the hot and dry dishwasher functions and hand dry them immediately.

If you use them for smoothies or beverages that may build up debris on the inside of these straws, use the cleaning brush to ensure all internal debris is removed.

Another suggestion is to boil them in vinegar and water once a month.

Should your straws be hand made, these require washing in soapy water, rinsing and drying immediately.

Why are There Short and Tall Drinking Straws?

Drinking straws made of bamboo are sold in 8-inch sizes and also taller straws up to 12 inches.

These straws are cut to accommodate variations in drink container sizes.

8-inch sizes can be used for any glassware or stainless containers up to 8 fluid ounces.

The 12-inch reusable straws made of bamboo can be used for beverage containers 24 to 36 ounces.

Be sure that a cleaner brush is included for tall straws of bamboo for taller size beverage containers.


Straws made from bamboo are a real alternative to plastic straws and you’ll be taking a great step towards leading a more sustainable life.

Buy your straws in quantity which is more economical. Choose your brand after reading customer and brand reviews.

All that remains is to enjoy your purchase and your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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