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Go Zero Waste Today
000's of Quality Products

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28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup – 6 great reasons to invest

bamboo reusable coffee cup

We’re all looking to lead a more sustainable life so why not get in the habit of reusing your most used items – Read our 6 awesome reasons to buy a Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup.

Finding ways and means by which we can live a healthier and more environmentally sustainable life is now an important issue on many our of minds.

Thankfully we have started to embrace reusable solutions developed to help rectify this mindset. One such development is the production of the reusable coffee cup.

With our earth’s rapidly dwindling resources, finding ways that we can reduce our imprint on the planet is a biggie.

As it stands, we use a handful of different types of disposable objects. It would be impossible to count the amount of paper cups, plates, bowls, and plastic cutlery that line our numerous rubbish heaps.

Below are six great reasons why you should invest in a bamboo coffee cup.

Cut Down On Disposable Waste

We now know that there is no need to purchase and use thousands of plastic and Styrofoam cups for a local event.

Think about the last time you were at a company event. How many Styrofoam cups were used and thrown away by your co-workers? Ten? Thirty? One Hundred !

Now do the math ! Think about how many hundreds of thousands of other companies, schools, non-profits, etc. are also using the same amount of cups every single day.

What if we could cut down on those numbers significantly by bringing along our own reusable cups to most places that we go?

That is precisely what the bamboo reusable coffee cup aims to do as a means to end unnecessary disposable waste in the world.

A More Personal Experience

How will you know which bamboo coffee mug is meant for you and why use bamboo mugs over any other material on the market?

Bamboo coffee mugs are made from materials that are safe to use even when heated repeatedly, without any potential negative affects to your health.

The latest coffee cups made of bamboo come in various colours and designs.

This means you can express your personality through the style of your coffee mug.

Cups made from other materials say one thing, but when you use a bamboo mug you’re projecting something different. Essentially you’re saying you care about the environment and becoming much more sustainable.

You never know, you might even receive compliments and questions about your biodegradable choice. This is likely to spark great conversations about your personal choices to help out the environment.

Healthy Options That Save You Money

Most bamboo reusable coffee cup types are dishwasher safe, although it is always best to check the bottom of the cup to be sure if yours is.

That is due to the fact that they are made with a combination of resin, which keeps them safe and bonded.

Coffee cups made of bamboo are a safe bet when you do not wish to waste money every day when purchasing a new cup at your local coffee shop.

Most coffee shops will give you a small discount if you bring your own cup to refill with all of your favourite beverages.

Even if you save only 10p per cup of coffee, that is still an average saving of £2.80 per week or £145 (approx. $180) per year if you are a daily coffee drinker who goes to the cafe each day.

So you can see the savings really do add up.

Given that bamboo coffee cups cost anywhere between £10 – £50 ($12 – $60) and the fact that you’ll most likely use your cup for more than one year it’s a win win situation.

Highly Convenient

How many times have you gone to work, school, an event, or otherwise and found that there were no disposable cups to begin with? Or that the place you are visiting have run out of cups by the time you arrived?

Rather than having to run down the street to get your hands on a coffee cup to use for yourself, it is much more practical to carry around a coffee cup that you will always be ready to fill at the drop of a hat.

Even if you do not use your coffee cup every single day.

Simply keep a bamboo reusable coffee cup in your bag, backpack, or strapped to your bike and you’ll never be without a handy resource that can be cleaned out and used many times without damage.

Know That you’re Doing Your Part

Since bamboo is taken straight from the earth, there is nothing about the material that will harm the environment by accident.

Bamboo is actually a highly sustainable crop, so the simple fact that it is being grown and harvested by farmers for use as coffee cups is a fantastic idea.

They are crafted from eco-friendly materials that are meant to be biodegradable, even if you do you decide to throw yours away someday.

Made From Completely Renewable Resources

Bamboo does not need to be treated with toxic materials such as pesticides. All consumers can take comfort in knowing that they are not consuming potentially hazardous materials.

It also does not harm the earth’s air and nature in this way, since pesticides are not used during the bamboo’s growth cycle.

This type of reed is also world renown for growing super fast, so it does not take long for crops to sprout up and replaced by new bamboo.

Bamboo reeds can also be harvested repeatedly, since the rods will continue to grow in place even after they are cut.

Bamboo coffee cups are made from one of the healthiest and most innovative materials to use as a reusable resource.


Let’s be honest here, if there is any way in which we as consumers can cut down our single use plastic footprint on the world then we should take it.

Using a reusable coffee cup is such a simple and cheap change in our lives. We should be proud to enjoy a hearty cup of coffee each and every day from one of these mugs.

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