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 Fast, Secure Delivery - from £1.99 / Free £50+

 Go Zero Waste Today -  000's of Quality Products

 Free Returns - 28 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Are Turkish Towels Sand Resistant, are they beach ready?

are turkish towels sand resistant

One of the things I’ve always struggled with when spending time on the beach is the sand. Don’t get me wrong I love the sand whilst I’m on the beach but when I leave I find sand everywhere.

One of the main reasons for this is the sand that sticks to your towel and so this year, when I went to replace my family’s beach towels I did some research into towels that might be able to repel sand.

Turkish towels are sand resistant making them one of the best towels for the beach. The sand repelling properties of these towels not only keeps sand away from your body but also ensures that you no longer take sand with you when you leave the beach.

So let’s get into the detail of how these towels do it and the benefits for you.

Before we do, I wrote a more complete article titled Are Turkish Towels Good for the Beach which I’d encourage you to read after this.

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Why Does Sand Stick to Towels?

There are several reasons why sand sticks to towels.

The first reason is due to moisture, so if the towel is wet or even slightly damp the sand has much more chance of sticking to the towel fibres.

The second reason for sand sticking to towels is due to the pile and overall fluffiness of the towel itself. Regular cotton towels especially the heavier, higher quality towels tend to have a deeper pile which makes the towel fluffier and more luxurious. Whilst this is great for the bathroom, it’s not good for the beach as the sand gets trapped.

The type of weave is also important when it comes to sand stickiness (if that’s actually a phrase) and many towels have a loose weave. A loose weave allows for pockets where sand can get stuck even when the towel is shaken out.

The final reason is around the thick fibres that most common towels have. The thicker the fibre the greater chance of the sand sticking to them.

sand sticks to regular towels
Sand Sticks to Regular Towels

So in summary the heavier and fluffier the towel is the more likely sand with a stick, especially if it’s wet!

Let’s look at each of these reasons in turn and how Turkish towels address each one.

Faster drying

Turkish beach towels dry faster than regular cotton towels.

By the way, if you would like to know more about how to care for Turkish towels then I’d recommend reading my other article “How to Wash Turkish Towels, our complete guide” next.

We performed a “not very” scientific experiment where we soaked a regular and Turkish towel in water and hung them both on the same line to dry – just to see how fast these towels do dry.

Here are the results.

Towel TypeDrying Time
Regular Cotton Towel2 hours 35 minutes
Turkish Towel1 hour 25 minutes

Without going into too much science it’s all about the surface area of the towel, the greater the area the faster the towel will dry.

Due to the long thin fibres, the weave of a Turkish towel contains many more loops than a regular towel essentially exposing more of the towel to the air.

As we know the wetter the towel the more sand will stick to it and therefore these faster drying towels will prevent this from happening.

Finer fibres

The fibres of Turkish towels are much finer than regular towels.

These fine fibres ensure that the towel does not have the thick fluffy pile that you find with other towels.

I need to mention that although Turkish towels do not have a thick pile, they are still super soft, so there’s no need to worry that your next beach towel will be rough on your skin.

So we already know that towels with a shorter pile will collect much less sand and so this places the Turkish towel at the top of the list when it comes to sand resistant towels.

Tighter weave

Authentic Turkish towels are made in just a few regions of Turkey where family ateliers weave these beautiful towels on traditional looms.

The traditional methods of making these towels encourage a very tight weave which is only really possible due to the long thin fibres of organic cotton.

When you’re at the beach, sand that would normally get trapped in the weave of other towels is not possible with Turkish towels ensuring that – yes you guessed it, less sand in your beach towel.

Information: The tight weave is a big part of why Turkish towels are incredibly durable.

sand is repelled from turkish towels
Sand is Repelled from Turkish Towels

Make it eco friendly

There are several reasons why Turkish towels are eco-friendly and I explain them in more detail in my post Pros and Cons of Turkish Towels however another positive benefit of the sand resistant properties these towels possess is that you may find they get much less dirty.

If they become less dirty than regular cotton towels then no doubt you’ll have to wash them less using fewer resources – which can never be a bad thing.


So I hope to have convinced you that Turkish towels really are sand resistant.

Drying yourself after a quick dip in the sea becomes so much more enjoyable after you give your Turkish towel a quick shake and all the sand just falls away. No more drying yourself with a rough sand filled towel.

You’ll also find that, where there was once sand, so in your car or in your holiday accommodation, now there is none.

A dream come true for me!

Personally, these types of towels are my absolute favourite, not only because they repel sand but for all the other benefits that make them so versatile and well… just lovely to own.

So if you are taking a trip to the beach soon and you’ve dusted off your old towel which is in a really sorry state, invest in a new Turkish towel, you won’t regret it.

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